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 Willingale Family Tree

  We are assuming these are the brothers Henry Alfred, Herbert Stanley, Archibald Arthur, Albert Victor & Frank Montague. Only Herbert Stanley Willingale (2nd left) has thus far been positively identified. Photo was taken in 1908

Willingale Family Tree

This is a one name study of the Willingale family name.

The tree contains Willingales, their spouses and descendants only, with one notable exception, the inclusion of a few additional Higgins. The Higgins family were involved, along with the Willingales, in the saving of Epping Forest, and the inclusion of a few extra Higgins allows us to show the relationship between the 4 individuals most involved in the saga; Thomas Willingale, Samuel Willingale, Alfred Willingale and William Higgins.

All places are listed with their current spelling and counties, for example, East Ham used to be in Essex but is now part of London. Therefore East Ham is listed as being in London for all entries in the family tree. We avoid using archaic places name where a more modern one is in every day usage, for example we have records listing events in Somersetshire, however in the family tree these are just listed as Somerset. However, Middlesex is still used in the place names database.

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Popular surnames, apart from Willingale

Mortimer Gravestock Williams Humphrey Whiting Chatwin Fursdon Green Edgeworth Phelps Simpson Brown Harris Snow Webb Rabnett Twilley Carter Chippendale Allder Mizen Smith White Rand Rose Wilson Cummins Sicely Turner Rodwell Taylor Jennings Abbott Young Wren Reeve Jones Woollaston Culpitt Matthews Clark Welford Redding Collins

Feature Articles

feature 1 The Kings Head Details of the Supper supposedly given by the Rev Maitland to the Loppers of Loughton.

feature 2 Samuel Willingale Transcript of Samuel's evidence to the Epping Forest Arbitration Proceedings, 03 Nov 1880

feature 3 The Willingale Axes The history of the two Axes given by the Willingale family to the Essex Field Club

feature 4 The October 1866 Chancery Proceedings The legal action to stop the Loughton Enclosures

Todays Birthdays
John Willingale - 1809
Caroline Letina Phelps - 1873
Ethel Maud Rand - 1885
Alfred Eric Fincher Brookes - 1887
Frederick George Willingale - 1906
Vera Margery Atkins - 1906
Alfred Frank Carter - 1907
Harold William Parmenter - 1912
Roy Sydney Harold White - 1915
Joyce Elizabeth Willingale - 1926

Todays Marriages
Edward John Fennings married Annie Caroline Webb - 1897
Bletsoe John Morris married Lavinia Rose Webb - 1906

Todays Deaths
Mathias Martin Zakowski - 1932
George William Charles Willingale - 1941
Alan John Chatwin - 1954
Sydney Lorraine Bolton - 2014

Trees Last updated on :
Willingale One Name Study - 22 Nov 2018
Unconnected Willingales - 01 Nov 2018

The Willingale One Name Study, as of 11 Dec 2018, contains 10,088 individuals, of which 1,133 are Willingales.  We have a further 480 people, including 153 Willingales in our 'Unconnected' Family Tree , where we have not, yet, been able to trace a link back to someone on our main One Name Study.

As of the 11 Dec 2018 this website contains assorted documents & photos etc, categorised under the following headings, with the number of items listed after each heading :

books : 19
census : 2
churches : 12
correspondence : 42
documents : 430
folios : 10
headstones : 128
histories : 29
indexes : 9
londongazette : 74
maps : 21
memorials : 3
photos : 582
press : 371
recordings : 1
ships : 28
videos : 4
webpages : 181
wills : 42

Total Items : 1988

Locations in the Family Tree : 6,510
Locations that have co-ordinates : 6,051

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