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A quick overview of how to get around the members area

Finding your way around

The red bar to the left of every page gives you quick links to the most important pages in the members area, most of these pages are repeated on the 4 pull down menus that appear to the top right of most pages.

The Family Trees

All our genealogical data is held in one of two family trees. The 'Willingale' tree has everyone connected to 'Father Willingale' back in the 1500's. The 'Unconnected Willingales' tree has all the individuals we cannot (yet) tie into the main tree. A number of pages in the site have a 'Tree' dropdown near the top of the page. Please make sure this is showing the tree you want to search. There is an 'All Trees' option.

Family Branches

We sometimes refer to individuals as beloging to one of 5 particular branches of the family. A summary of these branches can be found on the branches page, which has links to the 5 branches. These links can also be found on the 'More' menu.

Notable Willingales

Some of the more famous Willingale family members are details on this page.

DNA Project

The results from the Willingales who have taken DNA tests can be found here.

Finding Individuals & Families

You can find people in the tree in a number of different ways:

Each screen has the basic search feature on the top left of the page, on which you can search by either or both of First & Last names. This also has an option to search for married surnames as well (by default females are recorded under their maiden names so you can use this to find a female if you only know their married surname)

A link to the Search People and the Search Families pages is situated just below this, where you can narrow your search by dates and places etc

You can also view the people in the tree either by Surname or Forename by following the respective links.

What's changed since my last visit?

The Whats New page shows media added to (or amended on) the members area over the last 40 days. You can also keep track of new media by subscribing to the WFS Media feed, a link to which is on the members homepage. The WFS News Blog also now appears on the members home page, and a separate RSS feed is available for this as well, along with a Google Willingale news feed

Photos & Documents

All the media we have is stored on this site and split into various collections, as follows:

Photos Individuals or places
Churches We have started adding photos of Churches which have a Willingale connection.
Correspondence Letters written by Willingales
Documents Passenger Lists, registration cards, passports and other documents relating to people in the tree. Also contains some book transcripts.
Folios A new feature that allows us to group related items together. Where we have multiple related documents, such as army records relating to one person, these will appear here rather than under the documents section.
Histories Histories of places or people.
Indexes Lists of births, deaths, wills etc
Press Cuttings From The Times, Telegraph, and the local press.
Journals Copies of all the Lopping Times, our twice yearly journal.
Ships Photos & summary of the Ships on which Willingales have emigrated aboard.
Webpages Copies of various webpages, mentioning Willingales.
Wills Transcripts of Wills
Books Published Books mentioning Willingales
London Gazette Copies of the London Gazette
Headstones Photos of Willingale headstones
Maps Copies of old maps, showing locations at the time events were recorded in the tree and where the location is very different from today.
Videos Videos of, or about, Willingale. Prominent amongst these is Betty Willingale's BAFTA award ceremony.


Some of the above media is organised into Albums, for example we have Albums on everything to do with Willingale Village, Thomas & the Lopping saga, the descendants of Henry Thomas Willingale, and the Car Boot Sale finds.

Media by Sources & Dates

Search all the media by where it originated or when it was created

Cemeteries & Headstones

Where we have photos of a Cemetery or Headstone they are listed here.


A list of all the places in the tree, from here you can drill down and list all the people associated with each place. If we have added co-ordinates these places will also appear on a Google Map. Lots of the places detail a specific location (address or church) whilst some are very general (town, county or registration district). The places levels have been split as follows, although we are still in the process of double checking these place level types.

Place level Place type Description
1 Address An actual address with or without house number, that we have positively identified on a map.
2 Location An actual address with or without house number, that we cannot accurately locate. The pin shows an approximate location, confirmation provided by an old map or by looking at nearby places from the census returns. Could be that street no longer exists due to redevelopment, or we are unable to confirm that the street has changed its name.
3 Church Parish or Cemetery All are listed here, even if we cant locate the exact position of a demolished church.
4 Registration District UK registration districts were created in 1837 with the start of the formal recording of births, marriages & deaths.
5 Town/City or Village.
6 County  
7 State/Province  
8 Country  
9 Region ie At Sea, or one of HM ships where precise location unknown.
10 Cant Locate If we cant locate an exact address, even to an appoximate location (as per place level 2) but have details of a town or village, then we will geo-code the town or village, otherwise our best guess of where the location may be.


Most Wanted

Photos or people we are having trouble identifying.


A complete listing of the various 'notes' added to people in the tree.


Allows you to find out what happened (e.g. Births, Deaths etc) on a particular day


A monthly calendar, another way to show events from the tree.


A list of over 100 reports, covering such things as occupations, cause of death, military service, star sign, twins & triplets etc


This summaries your bookmarks in the tree. Most pages showing people or media have a bookmark icon, that allows you to bookmark that item so you can quickly find it again, from the bookmarks page.

Looking at data in the tree.

Once you have found an individual in the tree, all the information about that person is displayed on screen. The main page displays:

Birth & Death details
Parent details
An event map, showing locations of birth, marriage, death & census where known
Thumbnails of any media items, with links to the original
Plus any notes

Other information is available on the selected individual via the option bar, which appears towards the top of the person page:

(the links below take you to an example of each page, based on Frank Douglas Willingale)

The ancestors tab shows an ancestor tree in 4 separate formats (standard, compact, box or text), you can view an ahnentafel, all the media we have related to an ancestor, a map of the ancestors birth, marriage or death locations, or export the select data as a PDF.

The descendants tab shows a standard, compact or text version of that persons descendant tree, or a register of descendants. Again you can export this information in PDF format.

The relationship tab allows you to identify the relationship between this individual and anyone else in the tree.

The timeline tab show world events that happened during the course of the life of the select person.

Suggest allows you to contact the WFS committee if you spot any mistakes(!) in that persons details or if you want to provide us with more info. Using this link is helpful as it will automatically include a reference to the person involved so we will know who you are talking about!

We hope you enjoy using the members area, if you have any suggestion on how to improve it, please let me know.