Willingale One Name Study
 Willingale Family Tree

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 Source or Owner Information   Number of Items 
 No Owner info available 195 
 Steven Willingale 171 
 National Archives 103 
 Facebook 79 
 London Gazette 74 
 via Stephen Cook 56 
 Ancestry 40 
 The Times 40 
 Fiona Ballantyne 34 
 Alan Willingale 30 
 The Guardian 28 
 Bruce Willingale 24 
 Kim Willingale 23 
 National Archives of Australia 23 
 The Sydney Morning Herald 21 
 Keith Willingale 19 
 Kath Willingale 17 
 The Daily News 17 
 www.echo-news.co.uk 16 
 Kellys Directory 16 
 Google Books 15 
 Epping Forest Guardian 14 
 Essex Records Office  12 
 FindmyPast 12 
 Bernie Kelly 12 
 The Chelmsford Chronicle 11 
 mariners.records.nsw.gov.au 11 
 Billion Graves 10 
 Linda Pattinson 
 Linda Reesor 
 Ancestry tree 
 via Ken Hoy, Friends of Epping Forest 
 Graham Richards 
 The New York Times 
 The Daily Telegraph 
 Peter Leslie Willingale 
 The Essex Field Club 
 The Reynolds Newspaper 
 Epping Forest District Council 
 Peter Mansfield 
 Angela Kilmartin 
 Ann Carter 
 Founders of the National Trust 
 The Manchester Guardian 
 The Evening Standard 
 1862 Stanford Map 
 Pat Smee 
 University of Leicester 
 Lloyds Weekly Newspaper 
 Hampshire Telegraph 
 Western Daily Press 
 Whites Directory 
 Stanford map 
 This is local London 
 Robert Steven Willingale 
 National Library of South Australia 
 Curtis Tree on Ancestry 
 Find a Grave website 
 Ken M Willingale 
 Searching for Hornbeam  
 The Observer 
 Press Association 
 Sarah Matthews 
 Slater's Directory 
 The Morning Chronical 
 Ann Sutcliffe 
 The Leeds Mercury 
 State Records NSW 
 Ken Willingale 
 Guthrie Tree on Ancestry 
 The Essex Chronicle 
 Lois Parker 
 Ken E Willingale 
 Essex Life 
 Carol Moody 
 Christine Day 
 University of Northampton 
 John E M Willingale 
 Scott Willingale 
 The Independent 
 Loughton Historical Society 
 The Pall Mall Gazette 
 The Age 
 The Hull Packet 
 Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser 
 Richard Smith 
 KYDS Youth Drama Society 
 Nayland & District Horticultural Society 
 Corporation of London 
 National Rifle Association Journal  
 The Entomologist 
 Museum of English Rural Life 
 Neil Willingale 
 The Herts Guardian 
 Barbara Pratt 
 Essex Events 
 Laing Homes 
 Think Loughton 
 Karen Blackwell 
 Pamela Roberts 
 University of Michigan 
 The Economist 
 Gentlemans magazine 
 The Echo 
 The Daily Mail 
 Lorna Wilkinson 
 The Glasgow Herald 
 LB News 
 Morning star 
 Police Archives 
 The West Essex Gazette 
 The Loughton And District Advertiser 
 Loughton Advertiser 
 Suffolk Free Press 
 Post Office Directory 
 Gillman's Devizes Register 
 Caledonian Mercury 
 Mathews CC 
 1830 Stanford Map  
 The British Architect 
 News shopper 
 The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia) 
 Reading Eagle 
 Pathe News 
 The Calgary Daily Herald 
 Newbury Today 
 The Luton Times 
 Friends of Epping Forest 
 Swanley Town Council 
 The Reporter 
 This is Cornwall 
 The Graphic 
 Cambridge News 
 This is South Wales 
 Library of South Australia 
 Turnermob Family Tree 
 Frost Family Tree on Ancestry 
 New South Wales Registry 
 Sylvia Blacketer 
 Georgina Green 
 Sydney Morning Herald  
 RMT News 
 Worona Cemetery website 
 Phelps tree on Ancestry 
 The Victoria history of the county of Essex 
 via Alan Willingale 
 Rev J W Hayes 
 Jessie Elizabeth Rose Wingfield 
 via Mark Willingale 
 Babergh District Council 
 Yellow Advertiser 
 via Peter Boylan 
 John & Doris Willingale 
 Adelaide Observer 
 Lyn Richards 
 Paul Elmore 
 Hornsey Journal 
 Royal Ordinance Survey 
 St John Telegraph 
 Dixon Evening Telegraph 
 Iowa City Press 
 Association of Sales and marketing Companies Australasia 
 The Blue Light 
 Wine Country 
 Workers Online 
 Rail Manager 
 Modern Railways 
 Steven Willingale (inscription inf via Church Warden 15/2/2010) 
 Ark Royal Commissioning Book 1976-1979 (The Final Commission) 
 Royal Navy 
 Leigh Society 
 East Surrey FHS 
 Leighton-Linslade Town Council 
 Clacton and Frinton Gazette 
 Christine Parkes 
 You Tube 
 Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust 
 The Childrens Newspaper - www.lookandlearn.com 
 The London Gazette 
 Flight International 
 Royal College of Nursing 
 English Commons and Forests 
 Lord Eversley 
 Steve Wood 
 A History of the County of Essex 
 Plymouth Herald 
 Epping Forest with Maps 
 Linda & Larry Corderoy 
 Jane Willingale 
 Westminster Review 
 Bucklers Churches of Essex 
 The Speaker 
 Leeds Mercury 
 Leicester Mercury 
 Cambridge Network 
 E P Thompson 
 Wiltshire Country Magazine 
 New statesman 
 State Library of South Australia. 
 The Courier, Brisbane 
 The Argus Melbourne  
 The Hobarton Mercury  
 The Hobart Town Courier 
 Lancashire Evening Post 
 University of Cambridge 
 Property Week 
 Contemporary Review 
 Sarah Johnson 
 Shirley Wood 
 Mark Wiliingale 
 English Reports Annotated 
 Bexley Times 
 The Era 
 UK Newsquest Regional Press 
 Crime Reports 
 V Group 
 Hackney Citizen 
 Construction News 
 Oxford dictionary of national biography  
 The Newcastle Courant 
 Dunmow Broadcast 
 The Baltic online 
 Richard Gravestock 
 Cemetery Park Liaison Officer  
 The Independent (London) 
 Thurstable School Touchline 
 The British Embassy in Hungary Newsroom 
 Thurstable School 
 Taunton Motor Company Limited 
 Lloyds List 
 Penrith Star 
 Cornwall Records Office 
 News wales 
 The Belfast Newsletter 
 Imperial College London 
 London SE1 Community Website 
 West Torrens Historical Society 
 Victim Support 
 Cross's New Plan Of London 1850 
 Liverpool Mercury 
 The Free Lance Star 
 Rock Hill Herald 
 Glasgow Hearld 
 The Miami News 
 Wallis Plan Of The Cities Of London And Westminster  
 Information on Loughborough 
 Public Pecords Office 
 Reading Evening Post 
 Josephine Boxall 
 Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard 
 Birmingham Post 
 BBC Radio 4 
 Priscilla Yates  
 Gazette & Herald 
 The Ipswich Journal 
 The Professional Engineer 
 The Country Standard 
 TV Times 
 The Stage 
 The Walnut Tree 
 Loughton Residents Association 
 This Is Kent / East Kent Gazette  
 The New Zealand Herald 
 Camberwell College of Arts 
 The County of Lancaster 
 Artisan Ceramics 
 The Orchid Growers Manual 
 NatWest Community Force 
 Trinity Mirror 
 Progressive Batavian  
 Nayland & Wissington Community Times 
 Evening Post, NZ 
 White Pages 
 Law Inteligence 
 Western Gazette 
 Wimborne People 
 Salisbury Journal 
 Pamela Elizabeth Willingale 
 Mercury 24 
 John Fleetwood 
 Royal British Legion - Loughton Branch 
 Gravesend Grammar School 
 The Hampshire Telegraph 
 Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England) 
 The Western Weekender Penrith Online 
 The Northern Echo 
 Western Morning News 
 Bedford Today 
 Daily Mirror 
 The Racing Post 
 Northern Star 
 The Saturday Review 
 The Weekly Reporter 
 Billericay Rugby Football Club 
 Totally MAD 
 The Advertiser 
 Journal of Historical Geography 
 Andrew Jones 
 International Wargraves  
 Newbury District Swimming Club 
 National Trust 
 D&P Photographics 
 Hartlepool Mail 
 Ellis Jones 
 Leighton Buzzard Observer 
 Hinchley Wood School 
 Lawn Tennis Association 
 Sol Times 
 The Sunday Telegrpah 
 London Daily News 
 The Cornhill Magaine 
 The View 
 Total Essex 
 The Bromley Times 
 Willingale Associates 
 Cambridge Academy of Transport 
 Robert Stephen Willingale 
 Archives Australia 
 Lyall Schwikkard  
 Meadonians Association 
 Rights of Common and other prescriptive rights 
 The Live Bait Squadron Society  
 The Connexion 
 The Herald 
 The Herald (Glasgow) 
 Mark Willingale 
 Romford Recorder 
 The Essex County Chronicle 
 Northern Daily Mail 
 The Essex Standard and Eastern Counties Advertiser 
 Nayland Horticultural Society 
 Louise Willingale 
 Vivienne Allder (Ancestry) 
 The Huddersfield Chronicle 
 The Essex Standard West Suffolk Gazette and Eastern Counties Advertiser 
 The Half Penny Newsman 
 East London Observer 
 Open Spaces Society 
 British Library 
 Jenny Littlewood 
 WFS website 
 Newspaper Archives 
 "the Advocate" newspaper 
 Joy Parker 
 Buckinghamremembers website 
 Billings Tree on Ancestry 
 Old maps 
 LDS Site 
 Geni Website 
 Gill Pridmore 
 John Keith Allder  
 Anti Fascist Sydney 
 Central Somerset Gazette 
 Charles Sale - Gravestone Photo Resource 
 Heaven Address website 
 Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens 
 Gerald Gilling 
 Brinklow Tree on Ancestry 
 Gerald Gilling tree on Ancestry 
 Scotland People 
 Family Search website 
 Peter McCracken tree on Ancestry