Steven's Genealogy
 Willingale, Wright, Savill, Murrell, Burles, Bradd, Galley, Stein & Stebbing Family Names

WrightWoodham Ferrers, Essex1766-2008
BurlesRochford, Essex1828-1966
BraddOrsett, Essex1798-1936
GalleyGreat Leighs, Essex1766-1885
RobinsonOrsett, Essex1800-1860
PattinsonGrimsby, Lincolnshire1892-2020
BrettHornchurch, Essex1839-1875
DownsHawkwell, Essex1818-1895
BurlesGreat Wakering, Essex1811-1966
EllingfordOrsett, Essex1872-1948
MillerWrittle, Essex1797-1870
RippengaleFoulness, Essex1786-1841
SteinLiverpool, Lancashire1887-2006
WrightSouthend on Sea, Essex1884-2008
FranklinGreat Waltham, Essex1818-1947
FrenchColchester, Essex1799-1884
SavillOrsett, Essex1829-1982
BurlesPrittlewell, Essex1845-1966
OakleyOrsett, Essex1710-1871
PattinsonScunthorpe, North Lincolnshire1927-2020

The database was last updated on Thursday, April 30, 2020, and contains 3,090 individuals, in 840 families. The earliest recorded event is the baptism of Thomas Galley on 23 May 1766..

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