Willingale One Name Study
 Willingale Family Tree

The Branches of the Willingale family

All our genealogical data is held in two family trees. The 'Willingale' tree has everyone connected to Richard Willingale and Thomasine who were living in Rawreth, Essex in the early 1600s.

We had previously supposed Richard to be the son of Thomas Willingale and Ellan Milborne who married in Great Dunmow in 1563. Recently we have had the opportunity to study the SEAX images of the baptisms of Thomas & Ellan’s children at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow and now realize that Richard was not one of their children.

As we are now uncertain that Thomas & Ellan are connected to Richard we have moved them and their known children over to the unconnected tree. This does not affect the 3 branches of the main Willingale tree that we mention below, and all living Willingales who were in the main tree before the move remain in the main tree

The main connected 'Willingale' tree has 3 branches; the John, Thomas and William branches which diverge from John Willingale (b. 1663) & Maria Ritcheson.

The 2 substantial branches that we once had in the ‘Unconnected Willingales’ tree, the Samuel (b.24 Dec 1780) branch and the Charles (b. abt 1815) branch have now been linked into the main Willingale family tree and have become part of the Thomas branch.

There are additional smaller groups of Willingales in the unconnected tree, where we are still unable to find a link back to someone in the main tree.