Steven's Genealogy
 Willingale, Wright, Savill, Murrell, Burles, Bradd, Galley, Stein & Stebbing Family Names

Agricultural Labourer



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bradd, John  1851Agricultural Labourer I0234 Wright and Savill 
2 Brett, George  1871Agricultural Labourer I0645 Wright and Savill 
3 Burles, Edward Perrin  1881Agricultural Labourer I0205 Wright and Savill 
4 Chantry, Robert  1881Agricultural Labourer I090 Pattinson 
5 Dennis, James  1871Agricultural Labourer I0156 Wright and Savill 
6 Ellingford, James  1851Agricultural Labourer I1078 Wright and Savill 
7 Ellingford, James  1881Agricultural Labourer I0172 Wright and Savill 
8 Ellingford, William  1851Agricultural Labourer I0340 Wright and Savill 
9 Galley, William  1871Agricultural Labourer I0243 Wright and Savill 
10 Patrick, Henry  1871Agricultural Labourer I013 Pattinson 
11 Pattinson, John  1871Agricultural Labourer I014 Pattinson 
12 Richardson, Henry  Agricultural Labourer I012 Pattinson 
13 Savill, William  1881Agricultural Labourer I0326 Wright and Savill 
14 Stebbings, George  1851Agricultural Labourer I0888 Wright and Savill 
15 Stebbings, John  1881Agricultural Labourer I0354 Wright and Savill 
16 Stebbings, Samuel  1881Agricultural Labourer I0355 Wright and Savill 
17 Tuck, William Henry  1871Agricultural Labourer I015 Pattinson 
18 Wright, Jacob  1851Agricultural Labourer I0222 Wright and Savill