TNG Mods – Reports

TNG does not come with any reports out of the box. The majority of these reports were downloaded off the web (somewhere that I’ve long since forgotten!). I’ve amended these reports in two ways; 1) a lot of the comments/column headings were in German and these have been removed or converted into English, 2) some of the reports didn’t work if you had more than one Tree loaded into TNG, this has now been fixed on all reports, although on a couple I’ve had to hardcode the tree GEDCOM details into the report. Some reports are specific to my Tree such as having a hardcoded surname such as Willingale or using a specific event tag which may be different in your tree. It should be relatively easy for anyone to modify these particular reports to work with their tree.

There are 158 reports in total covering such things as

  • Star signs
  • Twins & triplets
  • Occupations
  • Cause of death
  • Missing data; e.g. dates, parents
  • Frequency reports; birth, death etc
  • Maintenance; faulty dates, recent changes, incomplete families

To install into TNG: Download this file. Extract the backup file from the archive, then FTP the backup to your TNG backup folder. Then do a restore of the reports table (Admin > Utilities > Restore). THIS WILL OVERWRITE ANY EXISTING REPORTS THAT YOU HAVE.


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