TNG – Search Media by Owner & Date

TNG Genealogy is a powerful PHP and MySQL based application that displays family trees, it has lots of built in features. However, one of the good things about it is that a large community that writes various add-ons or mods as they are called, to enhance its functionality.

TNG allows you to add photos, documents and other types of media to a person in the tree, and record various metadata about the media, such as the date of the photo or its owner. TNG does not, however, have a facility that allows you to search this metadata. To overcome this deficiency I’ve designed an add-in that searches by either the date or owner:

This page lists all the media owners and how many items they have in the family tree:

List of media owners
List of media owners

Clicking one of the links shows all the media for that owner and who its linked to in the family tree:

Media results by owner
Media results by owner

The search by date functions in a similar manner.

This mod works with TNG version 8, 9 and 10. (Note that later versions of TNG are optimised for display on mobile devices – this mod is NOT optimised for mobiles)

Download the mod here: listmedia_v10.0.0.1

See the TNG WIKI link for details on how to install into TNG

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