Willigale, Wright and Savill Genealogy

The Early Wrights - Part 4

Robert (October 20, 1866-October 9, 1948) Robert had two illegitimate children by a girl named Jeanette Manning. Jeanette’s parents were drowned when travelling home in their punt down the River […]

The Early Wrights - Part 3

Edwin James (Feb 9, 1860 – Dec 24, 1921). Born in Wantz Road, Maldon, Essex. Granddaughter Dorothy Olive, remembers him saying he was born in Wants and had been living […]

The Early Wrights - Part 2

Children of James & Isabella Wright: All of James & Isabella’s children were born in St. Mary’s parish, Maldon. William Charles (Oct 8, 1854 – Oct 28, 1856) He died […]

JAMES WRIGHT For several years, since we started researching our ancestors, we believed that James Wright born 17 May 1828 was the son of Jacob Wright and Sarah Reeve but […]

Isabella Murrell

William Murrell, grandfather of Isabella Murrell William Murrell married Sarah Horlock at St. Catherine Cree Church, Leadenhall Street, London in the 4th quarter of 1789. The Archbishop of Canterbury granted them a marriage license on 27 October 1789, which was rather a high level authorisation. While he lived inside the City of London, she was from Rettendon in Essex and in order to avoid a three week delay while banns were called in both parishes, the couple obtained the license from the archbishop. We do not know why William and Sarah chose this speedy means rather than waiting for banns to be called. We don’t know where William Murrell was born or any thing about his family

Family Tree

Most of the family names I’m interested in come from Essex, making it very easy to research them as I live in Essex (although I must admit my Mother has done most of the research 🙂 ). The main exception to this is Stein, which is of course German. My Stein ancestors seem to have originated in Koblenz, which is roughly midway between Cologne & Frankfurt. By the 1880’s they had moved up to Yorkshire & Lancashire in the