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Willesden, London

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Willesden, London
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Town/City/Village : Latitude: 51.548377, Longitude: -0.286436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beckwith, Gladys Dorothy  2 Oct 1912Willesden, London I1728
2 Collins, William  1905Willesden, London I3375
3 Forster, Harry William  28 Dec 1910Willesden, London I4263
4 Gowar, Annie  1906Willesden, London I5715
5 Gowar, William Joseph  8 Apr 1909Willesden, London I5946
6 Harwood, Peggy Winifred  15 Jun 1926Willesden, London I11818
7 Jago, Elizabeth B  1929Willesden, London I3537
8 Saunders, Gary Stanley F  7 May 1940Willesden, London I12915
9 Squires, Emily Mary  16 Dec 1889Willesden, London I4729
10 Squires, James  1892Willesden, London I4730
11 Squires, John  1886Willesden, London I4727
12 Squires, Samuel  1893Willesden, London I4731
13 Squires, William  1888Willesden, London I4728
14 Stacey, William John  19 Jun 1942Willesden, London I6923
15 Tyler, Margaret  11 Nov 1918Willesden, London I4345
16 Williams, Lucy Isobel  17 Dec 1909Willesden, London I9787
17 Willingale, Brian  22 Nov 1936Willesden, London I5407
18 Willingale, Emily Elizabeth  14 Dec 1910Willesden, London I5298
19 Willingale, Gladys Mabel  2 Mar 1915Willesden, London I5324
20 Willingale, Ronald A  3 Feb 1919Willesden, London I5325
21 Willingale, Yvette  1947Willesden, London I5256
22 Wollington, Clifford Charles Stanlake  30 Nov 1922Willesden, London I2836
23 Wootten, Iris Lilarna  23 Apr 1944Willesden, London I9366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Collins, Constance Rachel  1964Willesden, London I1895
2 Culpitt, Sarah  1956Willesden, London I3743
3 Gunner, Mary Frances  1941Willesden, London I6890
4 Holmes, May Eliza  23 Oct 1957Willesden, London I5253
5 Keiger, Pauline Maria  1951Willesden, London I6500
6 Marks, George Edward  1953Willesden, London I8279
7 Pickering, Maria  1952Willesden, London I3900
8 Standring, Elizabeth Mary  1922Willesden, London I5783
9 Topliff, Emily  1922Willesden, London I1483
10 Welland, Elizabeth Mary  1963Willesden, London I5798
11 Whiting, Elizabeth  1964Willesden, London I3890
12 Willingale, John  1933Willesden, London I5444
13 Willingale, William Edward  1925Willesden, London I5292
14 Willingale, William Joseph  1927Willesden, London I5320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Alfred Philip  1881104 Canterbury Road, Willesden, London I2228
2 Barrett, Constance Letina  191140 Hanover Road, Willesden, London I3373
3 Barrett, Frederick William  191140 Hanover Road, Willesden, London I1914
4 Barrett, Reginald Frederick  191140 Hanover Road, Willesden, London I3372
5 Bunyan, Albert Edward  18914 Stonebridge Cottages, Barry Road, Willesden, London I6258
6 Bunyan, Albert Edward  1911217 Harlesden Road, Willesden, London I6258
7 Chisman, Olive Florence May  190128 St Margarets Road, Willesden, London I10489
8 Chisman, Olive Florence May  191194 Purves Road, Willesden, London I10489
9 Denton, Winifred Jane  18914 Willesden Lane, Willesden, London I7382
10 Denton, Winifred Jane  1901111 Willesden Lane, Willesden, London I7382
11 Flippance, Emily Jane  191137 College Road, College Park, Willesden, London I5296
12 Gowar, Frederick Harry  189167a Brondesbury Villas, Brondesbury Road, Willesden, London I5782
13 Hooper, Kezia Jones  189122 Salusbury Road, Willesden, London I5288
14 Hunt, William Frederick  190117 Redfern Road, Willesden, London I5329
15 Jefferys, Mabel Helena  190173 St Johns Avenue, Willesden, London I1950
16 Johnson, Joseph George Frederick  190110 Wendover Road, Willesden, London I3191
17 Johnson, Joseph George Frederick  191163 Harlesden Gardens, Willesden, London I3191
18 Packard, Edith Florence  19012 Halstow Road, Willesden, London I0800
19 Phelps, Caroline Letina  191140 Hanover Road, Willesden, London I1760
20 White, Eliza  1881157 Cambridge Road, Willesden, London I5293
21 White, Eliza  189113 Chippenham Gardens, Willesden, London I5293
22 Willingale, Edward William  1881157 Cambridge Road, Willesden, London I5295
23 Willingale, Edward William  189113, Chippenham Gardens, Willesden, London I5295
24 Willingale, Edward William  191137 College Road, College Park, Willesden, London I5295
25 Willingale, Edward William  191137 College Road, College Park, Willesden, London I5376
26 Willingale, Elizabeth Amelia  1881157 Cambridge Road, Willesden, London I5294
27 Willingale, Elizabeth Amelia  189113, Chippenham Gardens, Willesden, London I5294
28 Willingale, Emily Elizabeth  191137 College Road, College Park, Willesden, London I5298
29 Willingale, Kezia Louisa  189122 Salusbury Road, Willesden, London I5290
30 Willingale, Phyllis May  191137 College Road, College Park, Willesden, London I5297
31 Willingale, William Edward  1881157 Cambridge Road, Willesden, London I5292
32 Willingale, William Edward  189113 Chippenham Gardens, Willesden, London I5292
33 Willingale, William Joseph  1881157 Cambridge Road, Willesden, London I5320
34 Willingale, William Joseph  189113, Chippenham Gardens, Willesden, London I5320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Tydeman, Dora Mary  19679 Trevelyan Gardens, Willesden, London I6100
2 Willingale, Elizabeth Amelia  191811 Church Lane, Willesden, London I5294
3 Willingale, William Joseph  192237 Manor Park Road, Willesden, London I5320


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Tyler  1938Willesden, London F1501
2 Barrett / Chisman  1928Willesden, London F3865
3 Blowers / Harwood  1949Willesden, London F4415
4 Buss / Barrett  1960Willesden, London F4432
5 Crighton / Barrett  1953Willesden, London F3866
6 East / Collisson  1964Willesden, London F3444
7 Forster / Barrett  1946Willesden, London F1352
8 Jago / Harrington  1927Willesden, London F977
9 Kershaw / Culpitt  1920Willesden, London F1467
10 Pope / Kerridge  1924Willesden, London F1463
11 Smith / Willingale  1954Willesden, London F1855
12 Willingale / Standring  1919Willesden, London F1872