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Westminster, London

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Westminster, London
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Town/City/Village : Latitude: 51.497707, Longitude: -0.129903


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Dorothy May  23 Jan 1912Westminster, London I5078
2 Bacon, Frederick Charles  15 Aug 1910Westminster, London I5077
3 Blowers, Angelina Ellen  1832St James Westminster, London I0969
4 Blowers, Angelo Radini  19 Jun 1834St James Westminster, London I0615
5 Blowers, Flora Amelia Radini  1839St James Westminster, London I0523
6 Blowers, George  8 Jul 1827St James Westminster, London I0349
7 Blowers, Henry  1829St James Westminster, London I0764
8 Blowers, Sophia Mary Ann Radini  1837Westminster, London I0993
9 Burns, Joseph  1862St James Westminster, London I5373
10 Cannon, Robert Sidney  6 Aug 1936Westminster, London I10387
11 Crosby, Tracy Nadine  4 Mar 1968Westminster, London I13113
12 Cummins, Thomas Henry  1841Westminster, London I6964
13 Dudley, Sarah  29 Aug 1783Westminster, London I1379
14 Greenwood, Catherine Mary  1827Westminster, London I13212
15 Le Riche, Sarah  1843St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I0891
16 Mallam, Arthur James  21 Jun 1899Westminster, London I8513
17 Radini, Clara Sophia  1843Westminster, London I0968
18 Rand, Jean Silvia  9 Mar 1935Westminster, London I13110
19 Sartain, Louisa Augusta  02 Oct 1842Westminster, London I1267
20 Simmons, Alfred  1 Feb 1838Westminster, London I1560
21 Simmons, Elizabeth  3 Sep 1828Westminster, London I1557
22 Simmons, Mark  3 Apr 1831Westminster, London I1558
23 Simmons, Mary Ann  12 Jan 1822Westminster, London I1487
24 Simmons, Matilda  20 Oct 1839Westminster, London I1561
25 Simmons, Rose Celia Elizabeth  3 May 1826Westminster, London I1556
26 Stanton, William Humphrey  29 Nov 1811Westminster, London I0785
27 Steer, Eliza Louisa  1851St James Westminster, London I0983
28 Strong, Emily Jane  20 Jan 1836Westminster, London I2671
29 Walter, Elizabeth Ann  1861St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I3127
30 Walter, James Thomas  1834St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I2714
31 Willingale, Alexander  28 Mar 1800St James Westminster, London I0436
32 Willingale, Caroline  6 Dec 1795Westminster, London I0464
33 Willingale, Caroline  25 Mar 1802Westminster, London I0919
34 Willingale, Charles  20 Apr 1802Richmond Street, St James Westminster, London I1380
35 Willingale, Charles Edward  14 Mar 1835Westminster, London I5561
36 Willingale, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1806Westminster, London I0467
37 Willingale, Elizabeth  1810Westminster, London I1488
38 Willingale, Frederic  5 Jan 1824Crown Street, Westminster, London I6040
39 Willingale, George  1818Wardour Street, Westminster, London I4081
40 Willingale, Hannah  24 Jul 1819Westminster, London I10422
41 Willingale, Henry  24 Oct 1803Westminster, London I0466
42 Willingale, Henry  1821St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I5220
43 Willingale, Kezia Louisa  16 Apr 1841Westminster, London I5290
44 Willingale, Lucy  1807Westminster, London I0190
45 Willingale, Mary  24 Mar 1799Westminster, London I475
46 Willingale, Mary Caroline  18 Jul 1819Wardour Street, Westminster, London I1378
47 Willingale, Robert  7 Mar 1795Westminster, London I0914
48 Willingale, Samuel Richard Jones  22 Jul 18362 Bradys Place, Westminster, London I5450
49 Willingale, Sophia Sarah  20 Jul 183613 Gloucester Mews West, Westminster, London I5684
50 Willingale, Susanna  15 Aug 1796Westminster, London I0911
51 Willingale, Susanna Sarah  4 Mar 1843Westminster, London I5291
52 Willingale, Susannah  29 Apr 1792Westminster, London I6858
53 Willingale, Susannah  9 Jun 1830Westminster, London I5224
54 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  30 Mar 1801Westminster, London I1240
55 Willingale, William George  17 Mar 183813 Upper Garden Street, Westminster, London I5289
56 Wynn, John George  1853Westminster, London I5797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Basson, Edith Mary  8 Oct 1896St Mark's Church, Marylebone Road, Westminster, London I4021
2 Beckham, Matilda Elizabeth Jarvis  14 Feb 1869St Marylebone, Westminster, London I3785
3 Blowers, Angelina Ellen  9 May 1832St James Westminster, London I0969
4 Blowers, Angelo Radini  20 Oct 1834St James Westminster, London I0615
5 Blowers, Flora Amelia Radini  19 Aug 1839St James Westminster, London I0523
6 Blowers, George  5 Nov 1827St James Westminster, London I0349
7 Blowers, Henry  9 May 1832St James Westminster, London I0764
8 Bulbrook, Caroline  13 Aug 1837St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1204
9 Dudley, Sarah  19 Oct 1783St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1379
10 Harris, Joseph Henry  2 May 1869St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I4007
11 Hewett, Amy Beatrice  14 Jun 1874St Marylebone, Westminster, London I1703
12 Le Riche, Mary Magdalen  30 Mar 1840St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I2268
13 Lemon, Florence Edith Louise  3 Jul 1901St Marylebone, Westminster, London I8637
14 Lemon, Frederick William Charles  7 Dec 1902St Marylebone, Westminster, London I8638
15 Radini, Clara Sophia  22 Nov 1843St James Westminster, London I0968
16 Radini, Emily Angelina  18 May 1846St James Westminster, London I0896
17 Sartain, Louisa Augusta  13 Nov 1842St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I1267
18 Snewin, Edith May  25 May 1899St Mark's Church, Marylebone Road, Westminster, London I5409
19 Stanton, William Humphrey  6 Jan 1812St Clement Danes, Westminster, London I0785
20 Strong, Emily Jane  16 Mar 1836St John the Evangelist, Westminster, London I2671
21 Thompson, Joseph Edward  21 Sep 1819St James, Westminster, London I6456
22 Twilley, Frederick Henry John  18 Sep 1868St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I5617
23 Walter, James Thomas  14 Sep 1834St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I2714
24 Willingale, Alexander  20 Apr 1804St James Westminster, London I0436
25 Willingale, Ann  6 Apr 1813St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1387
26 Willingale, Caroline  1 Jan 1796St James Westminster, London I0464
27 Willingale, Caroline  5 Sep 1802St James Westminster, London I0919
28 Willingale, Charles  28 Feb 1805St James Church, Westminster, London I1380
29 Willingale, Charles Edward  8 Apr 1835St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I5561
30 Willingale, Elizabeth  26 Oct 1806St James Westminster, London I0467
31 Willingale, Elizabeth  3 Sep 1811St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1386
32 Willingale, Emma  19 Jan 1815St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1388
33 Willingale, Emma  28 Sep 1821St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1392
34 Willingale, Frederic  18 Jan 1824St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I6040
35 Willingale, Hannah  15 Aug 1819St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I10422
36 Willingale, Henry  22 Apr 1804St James Westminster, London I0466
37 Willingale, Henry  26 Nov 1821St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I5220
38 Willingale, Kezia  10 Jul 1817St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1389
39 Willingale, Kezia Louisa  6 Aug 1843St John the Evangelist, Westminster, London I5290
40 Willingale, Lydia  18 Apr 1805St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1381
41 Willingale, Mary  31 Mar 1799St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I475
42 Willingale, Mary  21 Nov 1806St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1383
43 Willingale, Mary  5 Jul 1810St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1385
44 Willingale, Mary Caroline  20 Oct 1819St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1378
45 Willingale, Robert  1 Apr 1795St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I0914
46 Willingale, Samuel Richard Jones  9 Sep 1838St Mary, Vincent Square, Westminster, London I5450
47 Willingale, Sarah  1 Feb 1810St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1384
48 Willingale, Susanna  9 Sep 1796St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I0911
49 Willingale, Susanna Sarah  6 Aug 1843St John the Evangelist, Westminster, London I5291
50 Willingale, Susannah  6 Jun 1792St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I6858
51 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  7 Jun 1801St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I1240
52 Willingale, William  30 Jul 1797St James Westminster, London I0465
53 Willingale, William George  9 Sep 1838St Mary, Vincent Square, Westminster, London I5289
54 Wren, Alexander Gravestock  30 Dec 1860St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3765
55 Wren, Amelia Mary  19 Jul 1857St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3763
56 Wren, Christopher Baker  27 Jan 1850St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3761
57 Wren, Douglass James  3 Mar 1867St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3766
58 Wren, Edith Sophia  6 Feb 1876St Marylebone, Westminster, London I8488
59 Wren, Eliza Sarah  19 Jul 1857St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3764
60 Wren, Emily Caroline  23 Dec 1877St Marylebone, Westminster, London I8489
61 Wren, John Stephen  6 Aug 1848St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3760
62 Wren, William Warrington  8 Jan 1854St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London I3762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Sarah  1826Westminster, London I1377
2 Baber, James Alfred  1989Westminster, London I3928
3 Biggs, Denis Christopher  21 Dec 1989Westminster, London I6807
4 Blakeman, Stephen  1985Westminster, London I7612
5 Blowers, George  Nov 1840Westminster, London I0594
6 Blowers, Sophia Mary Ann Radini  1838Westminster, London I0993
7 Brown, Sarah  1824Crown Street, Westminster, London I5217
8 Cummins, Alfred John  1991Westminster, London I7914
9 Cummins, Sarah Margaret  1871Westminster, London I6963
10 Goodfellow, Magnus  31 Aug 1949Claridges Hotel, Westminster, London I6261
11 Jeffs, Albert  1993Westminster, London I7955
12 Le Riche, Charles Louis  1858Westminster, London I2232
13 Le Riche, Sarah  2 Apr 1843St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I0891
14 Murrells, Susanna  1824Westminster, London I0463
15 Nicholson, Frederick Williams  1985Westminster, London I9783
16 Owen, Cecilia A  2006Westminster, London I7956
17 Phippen, Alec Stuart  2001Westminster, London I8981
18 Sennett, Noel Stanton  30 Mar 1985Westminster, London I3644
19 Silver, Amy Ellen  1965Westminster, London I3141
20 Simmons, Augustine  1835Seymour Place, Westminster, London I1559
21 Simmons, Elizabeth  1830Westminster, London I1557
22 Simmons, Mark  1832Wyndham Street, Westminster, London I1558
23 Simmons, Rose Celia Elizabeth  1826Wyndham Street, Westminster, London I1556
24 Walter, Elizabeth Ann  1861St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I3127
25 Willingale, Ann  1814Westminster, London I1387
26 Willingale, Elizabeth  1807Westminster, London I0467
27 Willingale, Emma  1817Westminster, London I1388
28 Willingale, Emma  1822Hayes Court, Westminster, London I1392
29 Willingale, Frederic  Feb 1824Crown Street, Westminster, London I6040
30 Willingale, George  1818Wardour Street, Westminster, London I4081
31 Willingale, John  1819Crown Yard, Westminster, London I5219
32 Willingale, Joshua Frederick  1825Westminster, London I1313
33 Willingale, Mary  1831Tattersall's Yard, Westminster, London I1295
34 Willingale, Samuel  1830Grosvenor Mews, Westminster, London I0658
35 Willingale, Susanna Sarah  1844Westminster, London I5291
36 Willingale, William George  184019 Gray Coat Street, Westminster, London I5289
37 Wolf, Josephine Willinsgale  1859Westminster, London I5708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Austin, Sarah  24 Dec 1826St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1377
2 Blowers, George  29 Nov 1840St John the Evangelist, Westminster, London I0594
3 Murrells, Susanna  4 Jan 1824Westminster, London I0463
4 Simmons, Elizabeth  11 May 1830St Marylebone, Westminster, London I1557
5 Stone, Frederick  12 Feb 1843St Marylebone, Westminster, London I8
6 Willingale, Ann  1 Dec 1814St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1387
7 Willingale, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1807St James Westminster, London I0467
8 Willingale, Emma  23 Oct 1817St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1388
9 Willingale, Emma  7 Apr 1822St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1392
10 Willingale, George  9 Aug 1818St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I4081
11 Willingale, Hannah  14 Aug 1831St Marylebone, Westminster, London I10422
12 Willingale, Joshua Frederick  19 May 1825Westminster, London I1313
13 Willingale, Mary  26 May 1807St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1383
14 Willingale, Mary Caroline  2 Jul 1820St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1378
15 Willingale, Susanna Sarah  10 Aug 1844St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London I5291
16 Willingale, William George  13 Jul 1840St John the Evangelist, Westminster, London I5289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Frederick Charles  19112 Coburg Buildings, Coburg Road, Westminster, London I5077
2 Bacon, William Joseph  19112 Coburg Buildings, Coburg Road, Westminster, London I2145
3 Brand, Lily  19112 Coburg Buildings, Coburg Road, Westminster, London I5076
4 Burr, Charles Edward  190145 Bessborough Gardens, Westminster, London I3916
5 Cooke, Annie Eliza  1871Capeners Yard, Westminster, London I12795
6 Creasey, Amy Mary  18811 Dorset Street, Westminster, London I0769
7 Culpitt, Caroline  190145 Bessborough Gardens, Westminster, London I3740
8 Frewer, Stephen  1861261 Oxford Street, Westminster, London I2758
9 Fursdon, John Angell James  1881Wardour Street, St James Westminster, London I2041
10 Fursdon, Robert Willingale  188153 King Street, St James Westminster, London I1441
11 Giles, Elizabeth  186118 Whitcomb Street, Westminster, London I3126
12 Greenwood, Catherine Mary  1841Holywell Street, Westminster, London I13212
13 Harris, Alfred  18812 King Street, St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I2252
14 Harris, Alfred George  18812 King Street, St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I2776
15 Harris, Henry Charles  18812 King Street, St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I2779
16 Hasker, Frederick William  1891Peabody Buildings, Old Pye Street, Westminster, London I3787
17 Hawkes, George  1871314 Oxford Street, Westminster, London I8509
18 Hooper, Kezia Jones  184119 Gray Coat Street, Westminster, London I5288
19 Hunt, Benjamin Frederick  191134 Castle Buildings, Castle Lane, Westminster, London I4750
20 Le Riche, Mary Magdalen  1851Sherrard Street, St James Westminster, London I2268
21 Letter, Elizabeth  1911119 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Westminster, London I0957
22 Mallam, Arthur James  1901135 Regency Street, Westminster, London I8513
23 Mallam, Arthur James  1911135 Regency Street, Westminster, London I8513
24 Marson, Elizabeth  1841Hanover Square, Westminster, London I0425
25 Matthey, Francis Charles Samuel Cooper  18918 Agar Street, St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I5588
26 Matthey, Henri Francois  186114 Chandos Street, Westminster, London I5587
27 Matthey, Henri Francois  18918 Agar Street, St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London I5587
28 Palmer, Mary Willingale  1861261 Oxford Street, Westminster, London I1230
29 Pond, Alfred  187134 Rupert Street, Westminster, London I3541
30 Read, William  186129 Little Windmill Street, Westminster, London I4170
31 Selby, Edward William  18613 Rochester Terrace, Westminster, London I5569
32 Smith, Mary Ann  1871Capeners Yard, Westminster, London I10424
33 Standring, Elizabeth Mary  1901139 Strand, St Mary le Strand, Westminster, London I5783
34 Twilley, Frederick Henry John  186144 Dean Street, Westminster, London I5617
35 Walter, Elizabeth Ann  186118 Whitcomb Street, Westminster, London I3127
36 Walter, James Thomas  186118 Whitcomb Street, Westminster, London I2714
37 Willingale, Charles  184119 Gray Coat Street, Westminster, London I5287
38 Willingale, Charles Edward  184119 Gray Coat Street, Westminster, London I5561
39 Willingale, Charlotte  185135 Eaton Square, Westminster, London I0524
40 Willingale, Frederick Albert  1911119 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Westminster, London I1300
41 Willingale, John  1851Brewer Street, Westminster, London I0934
42 Willingale, Kezia Louisa  184119 Gray Coat Street, Westminster, London I5290
43 Willingale, Mary  1851Sherrard Street, St James Westminster, London I1385
44 Willingale, Mary  1861St James Westminster, London I1385
45 Willingale, Mary  18712 Titchfield Street, St Anne Soho, Westminster, London I1385
46 Willingale, Samuel Richard Jones  184119 Gray Coat Street, Westminster, London I5450
47 Willingale, Susannah  185112 Eccleston Mews, Westminster, London I1137
48 Willingale, Susannah  186114 Chandos Street, Westminster, London I5224
49 Wolf, Elizabeth  188130 Stockbridge Terrace, Westminster, London I5620
50 Wren, Constance Amelia  191110 Smith Square, Westminster, London I7389
51 Wynn, John George  188130 Stockbridge Terrace, Westminster, London I5797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sumner, William  185235 Eaton Square, Westminster, London I0525
2 Willingale, Charles  1838Upper Garden Street, Westminster, London I5287
3 Willingale, Charlotte  183817 Carlisle Place, Westminster, London I0524
4 Willingale, Charlotte  185235 Eaton Square, Westminster, London I0524
5 Willingale, Elizabeth  18441 Buckingham Place, Westminster, London I1386
6 Willingale, Matilda  184212 Circus Street, Westminster, London I0145
7 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  1836Gloucester Mews West, Westminster, London I5218
8 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  183879 East Street, Westminster, London I5218


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bovey / Willingale  1 Feb 1859St James Westminster, London F220
2 Clarke / Willingale  16 Mar 1835Westminster, London F0463
3 Cooke / Willingale  23 Nov 1840St James Westminster, London F1831
4 Dewar / Willingale  1952Westminster, London F1850
5 Gravestock / Baker  1848St James Westminster, London F1284
6 Gravestock / Palmer  1 Jul 1812St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London F0769
7 Hawkes / Wren  25 Dec 1874St Mark's Church, Marylebone Road, Westminster, London F3046
8 Hiscox / Le Riche  6 Aug 1877St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London F0781
9 Lamus / Wren  1953Westminster, London F3098
10 Leitch / Willingale  25 Sep1834St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London F057
11 Mallam / Wren  1937Westminster, London F3048
12 Millett / Willingale  27 Jul 1835St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London F2249
13 Passelar / Willingale  11 Feb 1812St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London F0414
14 Pegram / Zeal  1962Westminster, London F1051
15 Rand / Gray  1934Westminster, London F4975
16 Redding / Jessup  10 Apr 1866St Mary, Bryanston Square, Westminster, London F979
17 Somerville-Cotton / Dearnley  1965Westminster, London F4469
18 White / Cannon  1949Westminster, London F4866
19 Willingale / Bennett  22 Jan 1855St James the Less, Westminster, London F0464
20 Willingale / Dudley  13 Dec 1801St James Church, Westminster, London F0462
21 Willingale / Gibson  3 Jan 1791St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London F0254
22 Willingale / Hurlstone  2 Aug 1874St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London F1834
23 Willingale / Jones  14 Jun 1776St James Westminster, London F230
24 Willingale / Murrells  1794Westminster, London F173
25 Willingale / Osborne  21 May 1821St Anne Soho, Westminster, London F142
26 Woods / Harris  5 Apr 1896St Marylebone, Westminster, London F872
27 Zeal / Keevill  1961Westminster, London F1047