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St Pancras, London

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St Pancras, London
[St Pancras] [London]

Town/City/Village : Latitude: 51.52961311552474 , Longitude: -0.12488365173339844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Ivy Florence  19 Dec 1910St Pancras, London I1000
2 Addelsee, Lilian Marion  11 Apr 1889St Pancras, London I1198
3 Alderton, Alfred  1844St Pancras, London I0543
4 Archer, Elsie Annie Olive  1907St Pancras, London I4362
5 Archer, Frank Samuel Thomas  1911St Pancras, London I3038
6 Archer, Samuel Charles  2 Jun 1876St Pancras, London I2658
7 Baber, Henry William  28 Apr 1873St Pancras, London I3927
8 Banister, William Henry  13 Dec 1869St Pancras, London I6442
9 Bathurst, Martin  27 Mar 1923St Pancras, London I2431
10 Benton, Violet Lily Eleanor  17 Oct 1908St Pancras, London I6879
11 Bruce, Elizabeth Ellen  20 Sep 1887St Pancras, London I5598
12 Bruce, John  4 Aug 1885St Pancras, London I5597
13 Bruce, Mary Maria  16 Mar 1883St Pancras, London I5811
14 Bruce, Thomas Robert  23 May 1892St Pancras, London I5642
15 Bulbrook, Annie  20 May 1854St Pancras, London I0363
16 Burrows, Alice May  15 Sep 1880St Pancras, London I1881
17 Burrows, Amelia Eliza  21 Apr 1878St Pancras, London I1880
18 Burrows, Annie Jane  1870St Pancras, London I1877
19 Burrows, Henry Archibald  1840St Pancras, London I0542
20 Burrows, Henry James  22 Aug 1863St Pancras, London I1814
21 Burrows, James  1906St Pancras, London I3156
22 Burrows, James William  2 Apr 1865St Pancras, London I1844
23 Burrows, Jane Mary Ann  30 Apr 1875St Pancras, London I1879
24 Burrows, Lettice Elizabeth  1872St Pancras, London I1878
25 Burrows, Matilda Sarah  2 Oct 1886St Pancras, London I4058
26 Burrows, Robert  1904St Pancras, London I6303
27 Burrows, Rose  1898St Pancras, London I6302
28 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  4 Aug 1867St Pancras, London I1352
29 Clark, Winifred Vera Maud  27 Dec 1917St Pancras, London I0566
30 Cox, Laurie  29 Nov 1886St Pancras, London I7424
31 Craghill, Agnes Matilda  1890St Pancras, London I1800
32 Craghill, William John  30 Apr 1892St Pancras, London I1927
33 Cummins, Alexander Wilson  20 Jul 1855St Pancras, London I6971
34 Cummins, Arthur  21 May 1892St Pancras, London I7056
35 Cummins, Cornelius  1816St Pancras, London I6962
36 Cummins, Cornelius  17 Aug 1853St Pancras, London I6970
37 Cummins, James  3 Jun 1852St Pancras, London I6969
38 Cummins, Jennie  22 May 1894St Pancras, London I7057
39 Cummins, Ronald William  19 Oct 1925St Pancras, London I8800
40 Cummins, Sarah Margaret  20 Oct 1838St Pancras, London I6963
41 Cundy, Lewis Langford  27 Dec 1908St Pancras, London I257
42 Dorbon, John  1815St Pancras, London I0954
43 Evans, David George  1868St Pancras, London I6446
44 Evans, Dorothy  1899St Pancras, London I6448
45 Evans, Emily Elizabeth  1895St Pancras, London I6447
46 Evans, Wilfred  1904St Pancras, London I6449
47 Field, Leslie G  1921St Pancras, London I4808
48 Field, Richard George  31 Jan 1926St Pancras, London I4810
49 Fletcher, Alice Georgina  18 Jul 1878St Pancras, London I6301
50 Freeman, Robert Millett Joseph  1865St Pancras, London I6592
51 Fuller, Matilda Priscilla Kathleen  28 May 1888St Pancras, London I0805
52 Garrad, Frederick Henry  1876St Pancras, London I5618
53 Gathercole, Leonard William  7 Jun 1914St Pancras, London I1142
54 Goodchild, Sarah Ann  8 Feb 1857St Pancras, London I0422
55 Gravestock, Thomas Joseph  19 Nov 1822St Pancras, London I3757
56 Hales, Arthur Sherwood  26 Apr 1899St Pancras, London I6273
57 Hales, Robert s  8 Sep 1927St Pancras, London I7322
58 Hammond, William Henry  22 May 1877St Pancras, London I6041
59 Harris, Ada Margaret  27 Apr 1889St Pancras, London I2982
60 Harris, Alfred  4 Oct 1841St Pancras, London I2252
61 Harris, Alfred George  1866St Pancras, London I2776
62 Harris, Alice Madelene  1883St Pancras, London I2945
63 Harris, Amelia Elizabeth  1873St Pancras, London I2983
64 Harris, Amelia Jane  9 Oct 1869St Pancras, London I2778
65 Harris, Arthur William  10 Mar 1887St Pancras, London I2949
66 Harris, Daniel  13 Aug 1921St Pancras, London I3485
67 Harris, Elizabeth Sarah  1862St Pancras, London I2774
68 Harris, Frederick Charles  24 Jul 1892St Pancras, London I2987
69 Harris, George Alfred  17 Apr 1884St Pancras, London I2948
70 Harris, Henry Charles  14 Nov 1872St Pancras, London I2779
71 Harris, Julia  3 Jan 1847St Pancras, London I2197
72 Harris, Julia Selina  14 Apr 1879St Pancras, London I2935
73 Harris, Thomas  1850St Pancras, London I2253
74 Harris, Victor Charles  1 Mar 1897St Pancras, London I3193
75 Harris, William Thomas  20 Jan 1868St Pancras, London I2777
76 Hicks, Elizabeth Jane Rose  11 Apr 1888St Pancras, London I8265
77 Hill, Charles George Davis  1880St Pancras, London I18
78 Hill, Edward William  9 Mar 1879St Pancras, London I17
79 Holman, Thomas Edward  7 Jan 1881St Pancras, London I1161
80 Hurlstone, Ann Phipps  17 Apr 1851St Pancras, London I5233
81 Ivens, Annie Elizabeth  30 Sep 1866St Pancras, London I7388
82 Kingston, Thomas  5 Sep 1871St Pancras, London I2211
83 Leitch, Emma  18 Feb 1839St Pancras, London I0456
84 Leitch, Lucy  09 May 1842St Pancras, London I0865
85 Linnit, Christopher Edmonds  23 Dec 1903St Pancras, London I10227
86 MacGillivray, Alexander Robert  16 Jan 1899St Pancras, London I4061
87 MacGillivray, Dorothy Lettice  25 Dec 1893St Pancras, London I4060
88 MacGillivray, James Robert  5 Jun 1869St Pancras, London I4059
89 Mansfield, Ethel Florence  13 Feb 1907St Pancras, London I3114
90 Mansfield, Minnie Rosella  3 Apr 1903St Pancras, London I3111
91 Matthews, George Edward  12 May 1908St Pancras, London I2857
92 Millett, Caroline Elizabeth  5 Jan 1840St Pancras, London I6453
93 Millett, Elizabeth  1841St Pancras, London I6454
94 Millett, Emily Charlotte  1848St Pancras, London I6455
95 Millett, Mary Ann Elizabeth  25 Jun 1837St Pancras, London I6452
96 Murphy, Wallace  7 May 1882St Pancras, London I8364
97 Navalkar, Vinayek  4 Jul 1915St Pancras, London I4290
98 Palmer, George Henry  8 Sep 1877St Pancras, London I7367
99 Palmer, George Reginald  3 Oct 1904St Pancras, London I7368
100 Petford, Rosetta Honour Alice  1887St Pancras, London I1767
101 Rodwell, Samuel George  15 Feb 1890St Pancras, London I5372
102 Sartain, Sarah Ann  12 Jul 1840St Pancras, London I1266
103 Sedgwick, Lizzie Amelia  10 Sep 1875St Pancras, London I5240
104 Selby, Alfred Charles  18 Apr 1896St Pancras, London I5640
105 Selby, Arthur Ernest  11 Sep 1893St Pancras, London I5639
106 Selby, Edward Thomas  14 Feb 1883St Pancras, London I5593
107 Selby, Ellen Adelaide  29 Jan 1878St Pancras, London I5452
108 Selby, Emily Elizabeth  8 Jul 1888St Pancras, London I5595
109 Selby, George William  7 Oct 1885St Pancras, London I5594
110 Selby, George William  23 Nov 1913St Pancras, London I11372
111 Stacey, Ada Constance  3 Mar 1889St Pancras, London I5246
112 Stacey, William John  26 Jun 1876St Pancras, London I5672
113 Stephenson, Edward Henry  1885St Pancras, London I5628
114 Stephenson, Edward Henry  4 Jan 1905St Pancras, London I5893
115 Stephenson, Elizabeth Lily  1 Aug 1906St Pancras, London I5884
116 Stephenson, Ernest George  2 Aug 1913St Pancras, London I5717
117 Stephenson, Lily Frances  1912St Pancras, London I5499
118 Stephenson, May  1910St Pancras, London I5883
119 Taylor, Alma Mary  1889St Pancras, London I9210
120 Twilley, Emma Susan  1882St Pancras, London I5691
121 Twilley, Francis William  1889St Pancras, London I5694
122 Twilley, Frederick Thomas  29 Feb 1880St Pancras, London I5690
123 Twilley, George William  27 Dec 1885St Pancras, London I5693
124 Twilley, Rosetta Maria  10 Mar 1884St Pancras, London I5692
125 Unknown, Anne  1841St Pancras, London I0179
126 Ward, Hannah  1815St Pancras, London I6433
127 Welford, Elizabeth  1871St Pancras, London I6464
128 Welford, Frank  1870St Pancras, London I6463
129 Welford, Henry Thomas  20 Dec 1857St Pancras, London I10507
130 Welford, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1855St Pancras, London I6459
131 Welford, Thomas James  1854St Pancras, London I6458
132 Willingale, Albert Ernest  7 Dec 1911St Pancras, London I0806
133 Willingale, Albert Victor  17 Aug 1887St Pancras, London I0714
134 Willingale, Alfred  31 Mar 1849103 Chalton Street, St Pancras, London I6436
135 Willingale, Alfred George  18 Apr 1880St Pancras, London I5237
136 Willingale, Alfred Thomas  1853St Pancras, London I6438
137 Willingale, Archibald Arthur  7 Oct 1885St Pancras, London I0713
138 Willingale, Charles Edward  13 May 185922 Wood Street, St Pancras, London I5498
139 Willingale, Clara Rosa Elizabeth  2 Nov 1868St Pancras, London I0948
140 Willingale, Dorothy Eveline  24 Dec 1893St Pancras, London I0715
141 Willingale, Elizabeth Sarah Ann  30 Mar 1875St Pancras, London I5234
142 Willingale, Emily Harriet  29 Sep 1861St Pancras, London I5230
143 Willingale, Emily Maria  3 Sep 18787 Tottenham Street, St Pancras, London I5236
144 Willingale, Ethel May  25 Oct 1910St Pancras, London I1490
145 Willingale, Evelyn Frances  25 Oct 1910St Pancras, London I1492
146 Willingale, Frank Montague  25 Oct 1889St Pancras, London I0364
147 Willingale, George William  29 Dec 1866St Pancras, London I5232
148 Willingale, Henry Alfred  18 Jun 1876St Pancras, London I0708
149 Willingale, Henry Thomas  17 May 1850St Pancras, London I0361
150 Willingale, Herbert Leslie  23 Nov 1906St Pancras, London I0801

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Archer, Samuel Charles  25 Jun 1876All Saints Church, St Pancras, London I2658
2 Baber, Henry William  1 Nov 1874Christ Church, Albany Street, St Pancras, London I3927
3 Bulbrook, Annie  7 Mar 1862All Saints Church, St Pancras, London I0363
4 Burrows, Henry James  7 Sep 1863Parish Church, St Pancras, London I1814
5 Burrows, James William  17 Apr 1865Parish Church, St Pancras, London I1844
6 Burrows, Matilda Sarah  12 Dec 1886All Saints Church, St Pancras, London I4058
7 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  19 Aug 1867Parish Church, St Pancras, London I1352
8 Cummins, Alexander Wilson  18 Aug 1855Parish Church, St Pancras, London I6971
9 Cummins, Cornelius  15 Sep 1816Parish Church, St Pancras, London I6962
10 Cummins, Cornelius  10 Oct 1853Parish Church, St Pancras, London I6970
11 Cummins, Sarah Margaret  6 Feb 1839Old Church, St Pancras, London I6963
12 Fuller, Matilda Priscilla Kathleen  18 Jun 1888Parish Church, St Pancras, London I0805
13 Gravestock, Thomas Joseph  2 Mar 1823Old Church, St Pancras, London I3757
14 Harris, Ada Margaret  3 Jun 1889St Pancras, London I2982
15 Harris, Amelia Elizabeth  30 Jan 1884St Mary Magdalene, St Pancras, London I2983
16 Harris, Amelia Jane  25 Oct 1869Old Church, St Pancras, London I2778
17 Harris, Frederick Charles  15 Aug 1892St Pancras, London I2987
18 Harris, George Alfred  19 May 1884St Pancras, London I2948
19 Harris, Julia  22 Apr 1849Old Church, St Pancras, London I2197
20 Harris, William Thomas  3 Feb 1868Parish Church, St Pancras, London I2777
21 Holman, Thomas Edward  11 Apr 1881Parish Church, St Pancras, London I1161
22 MacGillivray, James Robert  28 Jun 1869Old Church, St Pancras, London I4059
23 Packard, Edith Florence  3 Jun 1883Parish Church, St Pancras, London I0800
24 Petford, Rosetta Honour Alice  15 May 1887Christ Church, Albany Street, St Pancras, London I1767
25 Sartain, Sarah Ann  21 Aug 1840Old Church, St Pancras, London I1266
26 Simmons, Lavinia  1 Apr 1824Parish Church, St Pancras, London I1555
27 Twilley, George William  18 Jan 1886Parish Church, St Pancras, London I5693
28 Twilley, Rosetta Maria  30 Mar 1884St James Church, St Pancras, London I5692
29 Willingale, Alfred Thomas  2 Jun 1853Old Church, St Pancras, London I6438
30 Willingale, Clara Rosa Elizabeth  26 Apr 1869Parish Church, St Pancras, London I0948
31 Willingale, Emma Rosetta  11 Nov 1844Old Church, St Pancras, London I6434
32 Willingale, George William  11 Mar 1867Old Church, St Pancras, London I5232
33 Willingale, Henry Alfred  11 Jul 1876Old Church, St Pancras, London I0708
34 Willingale, Lettice Mary  10 Nov 1845Old Church, St Pancras, London I0360
35 Willingale, Lilian Annie Caroline  10 Mar 1878All Saints Church, St Pancras, London I0709
36 Willingale, Maria  26 Mar 1866Old Church, St Pancras, London I5231
37 Willingale, Mary Ann  15 Feb 1804Old Church, St Pancras, London I0448
38 Willingale, Mary Ann Elizabeth  2 Jun 1853Old Church, St Pancras, London I6435
39 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  4 Aug 1805Parish Church, St Pancras, London I5218
40 Young, Annie Frances Selina  16 Oct 1892St Paul's Church, St Pancras, London I1907
41 Young, Henry Charles  8 Feb 1869Old Church, St Pancras, London I1905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderton, Alfred  1904St Pancras, London I0543
2 Bailey, John  8 Jan 1997St Pancras, London I1151
3 Bovey, Edward  1867St Pancras, London I0596
4 Brown, Dorothy Mabel Constance  8 Jan 1998St Pancras, London I1150
5 Bruce, Mary Maria  1884St Pancras, London I5811
6 Bruce, Thomas Robert  1892St Pancras, London I5642
7 Bulbrook, Annie  3 Feb 192726 Argyle Square, St Pancras, London I0363
8 Bulbrook, Caroline  12 Apr 18908 Priory Street, St Pancras, London I1204
9 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  1909St Pancras, London I1352
10 Coombe, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1870St Pancras, London I0348
11 Coomer, Gary J  1955St Pancras, London I5774
12 Cotterill, Charlotte  1851St Pancras, London I1572
13 Cummins, Alexander  1895St Pancras, London I7055
14 Cummins, Cornelius Payne  1852St Pancras, London I6968
15 Cummins, James  1853St Pancras, London I6969
16 Field, Leslie G  1922St Pancras, London I4808
17 Fletcher, Alice Georgina  1957St Pancras, London I6301
18 Gasson, Mary  189949 Whitfield Street, St Pancras, London I5227
19 Gravestock, Ann  1888St Pancras, London I2216
20 Harris, Alfred  1887St Pancras, London I0499
21 Harris, Alfred  22 Jun 1929St Pancras, London I2252
22 Harris, Alice Madelene  1883St Pancras, London I2945
23 Harris, Charles Thomas  1900St Pancras, London I9716
24 Harris, Elizabeth  1839St Pancras, London I3754
25 Holman, Thomas Edward  28 Oct 1961St Pancras, London I1161
26 Hurlstone, Ann Phipps  7 Apr 1903St Pancras, London I5233
27 Kerckhove, Ernest Percy Edwin  11 Apr 1934St Pancras, London I0969
28 Leay, Ernest Carter  1971St Pancras, London I4484
29 Lees, Sarah  14 Apr 185555 Drummond Street, St Pancras, London I0354
30 Leitch, Lucy  1843St Pancras, London I0865
31 Lenton, William Henry  4 Oct 1910St Pancras, London I2596
32 Mansfield, Bertram Edmund  9 Dec 1964St Pancras, London I3110
33 Marson, Elizabeth  27 Jun 18474 Tonbridge Street, St Pancras, London I0425
34 Matchan, John Arthur  1929St Pancras, London I1722
35 Millett, Thomas  1852St Pancras, London I6451
36 Mortimore, Mary Ann  1827St Pancras, London I6431
37 Read, William Andrew  9 Oct 1961St Pancras, London I4172
38 Redding, Charlotte  1961St Pancras, London I2755
39 Salmon, Constance Annie  1911St Pancras, London I1205
40 Sartain, Stephen  4 Nov 1858St Pancras, London I1066
41 Selby, Edward William  1932St Pancras, London I5569
42 Sharp, Amelia  1896St Pancras, London I2934
43 Simmons, Matilda  1844St Pancras, London I1561
44 Tingey, Leonard William  1952St Pancras, London I4369
45 Turner, Esther  1874St Pancras, London I0362
46 Wade, Charles William  1887St Pancras, London I6439
47 Ward, Hannah  1861St Pancras, London I6433
48 Willingale, Alfred  Dec 1850St Pancras, London I6436
49 Willingale, Alfred  1 Apr 1881St Pancras, London I6432
50 Willingale, Amelia Jane  1875St Pancras, London I0351
51 Willingale, Elizabeth  1886St Pancras, London I1386
52 Willingale, Emma Rosetta  1914St Pancras, London I6434
53 Willingale, George William  1872St Pancras, London I5232
54 Willingale, Henry Alfred  1913St Pancras, London I0708
55 Willingale, Henry Thomas  16 Mar 1899St Pancras, London I0361
56 Willingale, James William  12 Feb 18502 Exmouth Street, St Pancras, London I0342
57 Willingale, James William  18 Dec 1878St Pancras, London I0353
58 Willingale, John Arthur  1865St Pancras, London I0632
59 Willingale, John Lees  7 Dec 184346 James Street, St Pancras, London I0357
60 Willingale, Kezia  1865St Pancras, London I1389
61 Willingale, Lucy  1849St Pancras, London I0190
62 Willingale, Maria  1915St Pancras, London I5231
63 Willingale, Marie Annie  18928 Priory Street, St Pancras, London I3718
64 Willingale, Mary  1891St Pancras, London I1385
65 Willingale, Mary Ann  1887St Pancras, London I6450
66 Willingale, May Lettice  19 Jan 1961St Pancras, London I0711
67 Willingale, Rose  1883St Pancras, London I5832
68 Willingale, Samuel Henry  1844St Pancras, London I2580
69 Willingale, Sarah Selina  1890St Pancras, London I0359
70 Willingale, Susan Adelaide  1863St Pancras, London I2571
71 Willingale, Susannah  1881St Pancras, London I5224
72 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  1892St Pancras, London I5225
73 Willingale, William  4 Jan 18524 York Place, St Pancras, London I6437
74 Willingale, William  1896St Pancras, London I0716
75 Willingale, William Richard  1844St Pancras, London I0358
76 Worsfold, William  1876St Pancras, London I6579
77 Wren, Alexander John  1889St Pancras, London I7395
78 Wren, Amy Amelia  1884St Pancras, London I7392
79 Wren, Edith Ann  1879St Pancras, London I3769
80 Wren, Nina Constance  1889St Pancras, London I7396
81 Young, Henry Charles  1911St Pancras, London I1905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dudley, Sarah  8 Apr 1838Whitefield Memorial Church, St Pancras, London I1379
2 Willingale, Alfred  18 Dec 1850Parish Church, St Pancras, London I6436
3 Willingale, James William  18 Feb 1850Parish Church, St Pancras, London I0342
4 Willingale, William  12 Jan 1852Parish Church, St Pancras, London I6437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Ivy Florence  191114 Swinton Street, St Pancras, London I1000
2 Alderton, Alfred  187119 Chalton Street, St Pancras, London I0543
3 Alderton, Alfred  188147 Millman Street, St Pancras, London I0543
4 Alderton, Alfred  1891154 Malden Road, St Pancras, London I0543
5 Alderton, Alfred  1901154 Malden Road, St Pancras, London I0543
6 Archer, Samuel Charles  18815 King Street, St Pancras, London I2658
7 Archer, Samuel Charles  189116 St Leonards Square, St Pancras, London I2658
8 Archer, Samuel Charles  190166 Harmood Street, St Pancras, London I2658
9 Baber, Henry William  188143 Red Hill Street, St Pancras, London I3927
10 Baber, Henry William  189149 Red Hill Street, St Pancras, London I3927
11 Banister, Alfred Herbert  188135 George Street, St Pancras, London I6444
12 Banister, Alfred Herbert  189136 Mornington Road, St Pancras, London I6444
13 Banister, Alfred Herbert  19017 Mary Terrace, St Pancras, London I6444
14 Banister, Alfred Herbert  191110 Chester Road, St Pancras, London I6444
15 Banister, Arthur Frederick  188135 George Street, St Pancras, London I6445
16 Banister, Arthur Frederick  189136 Mornington Road, St Pancras, London I6445
17 Banister, Arthur Frederick  190136 Mornington Road, St Pancras, London I6445
18 Banister, Arthur Frederick  191149 Harrington Street, St Pancras, London I6445
19 Banister, Emily Rosetta  189136 Mornington Road, St Pancras, London I6443
20 Banister, Emily Rosetta  1901155 Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6443
21 Banister, Thomas  187111 Acton Street, St Pancras, London I6441
22 Banister, Thomas  188135 George Street, St Pancras, London I6441
23 Banister, Thomas  189136 Mornington Road, St Pancras, London I6441
24 Banister, William Henry  187111 Acton Street, St Pancras, London I6442
25 Banister, William Henry  188135 George Street, St Pancras, London I6442
26 Barling, William James  190117 London Mews, St Pancras, London I11293
27 Barling, William James  191156 Chester Mews, St Pancras, London I11293
28 Beckham, Matilda Elizabeth Jarvis  1871Colville Place, St Pancras, London I3785
29 Beckham, Matilda Elizabeth Jarvis  1891Queen Street, St Pancras, London I3785
30 Bennett, Sydney George  1871Nelson Street, St Pancras, London I0308
31 Blowers, Flora Amelia Radini  187159 Euston Road, St Pancras, London I0523
32 Bovey, Edward  1851Frederick Street, St Pancras, London I0596
33 Broadwood, Arthur William  190135 Kelly Street, St Pancras, London I10510
34 Bruce, John  191140 Maple Street, St Pancras, London I5597
35 Bulbrook, Annie  186180 Bayham Street, St Pancras, London I0363
36 Bulbrook, Annie  18818 Priory Street, St Pancras, London I0363
37 Bulbrook, Annie  18918 Priory Street, St Pancras, London I0363
38 Bulbrook, Annie  19018 Priory Street, St Pancras, London I0363
39 Bulbrook, Annie  191126 Argyle Square, St Pancras, London I0363
40 Bulbrook, Caroline  186180 Bayham Street, St Pancras, London I1204
41 Bulbrook, Caroline  18818 Priory Street, St Pancras, London I1204
42 Burrows, Alice May  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1881
43 Burrows, Alice May  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I1881
44 Burrows, Alice May  190160 Hawley Road, St Pancras, London I1881
45 Burrows, Amelia Eliza  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1880
46 Burrows, Amelia Eliza  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I1880
47 Burrows, Amelia Eliza  190160 Hawley Road, St Pancras, London I1880
48 Burrows, Amelia Eliza  191178 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, St Pancras, London I1880
49 Burrows, Annie Jane  1871Pratt Street, St Pancras, London I1877
50 Burrows, Annie Jane  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1877
51 Burrows, Annie Jane  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I1877
52 Burrows, Annie Jane  190121 Marquis Road, St Pancras, London I1877
53 Burrows, Annie Jane  19119 Willingham Terrace, Leighton Road, St Pancras, London I1877
54 Burrows, Henry Archibald  1871Pratt Street, St Pancras, London I0542
55 Burrows, Henry Archibald  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I0542
56 Burrows, Henry Archibald  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I0542
57 Burrows, Henry Archibald  190160 Hawley Road, St Pancras, London I0542
58 Burrows, Henry Archibald  191178 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, St Pancras, London I0542
59 Burrows, Henry James  1871Pratt Street, St Pancras, London I1814
60 Burrows, Henry James  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1814
61 Burrows, James William  1871Pratt Street, St Pancras, London I1844
62 Burrows, James William  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1844
63 Burrows, James William  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I1844
64 Burrows, James William  190160 Hawley Road, St Pancras, London I1844
65 Burrows, Jane Mary Ann  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1879
66 Burrows, Jane Mary Ann  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I1879
67 Burrows, Jane Mary Ann  190160 Hawley Road, St Pancras, London I1879
68 Burrows, Jane Mary Ann  191154 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, St Pancras, London I1879
69 Burrows, Lettice Elizabeth  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1878
70 Burrows, Lettice Elizabeth  189181 King's Road, St Pancras, London I1878
71 Burrows, Matilda Sarah  1891Queen Street, St Pancras, London I4058
72 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  1871Pratt Street, St Pancras, London I1352
73 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  188131 Johnson Street, St Pancras, London I1352
74 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  189169 Bayham Street, St Pancras, London I1352
75 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  190160 Hawley Road, St Pancras, London I1352
76 Collins, William John Lewis  18818 Bennett Street, St Pancras, London I1748
77 Cotterill, Charlotte  1841Middlesex Place, St Pancras, London I1572
78 Cotterill, Charlotte  185159 Middlesex Street, St Pancras, London I1572
79 Cox, Laurie  189111 St John the Evangelist Road, St Pancras, London I7424
80 Craghill, Agnes Matilda  189128 Pancras Square, St Pancras, London I1800
81 Craghill, John  189128 Pancras Square, St Pancras, London I1326
82 Cummins, Arthur  19013 Alma Street, St Pancras, London I6973
83 Cummins, Arthur  19013 Alma Street, St Pancras, London I7056
84 Cummins, Emily  19013 Alma Street, St Pancras, London I7054
85 Cummins, Florence Isabel  19013 Alma Street, St Pancras, London I7053
86 Cummins, Jennie  19013 Alma Street, St Pancras, London I7057
87 Cummins, Sarah Lilian  19013 Alma Street, St Pancras, London I7052
88 Dorbon, John  1841Wellington Street, St Pancras, London I0954
89 Evans, David George  1871Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6446
90 Evans, David George  1881128 Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6446
91 Evans, David George  1891128 Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6446
92 Evans, David George  1901155 Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6446
93 Evans, Dorothy  1901155 Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6448
94 Evans, Emily Elizabeth  1901155 Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I6447
95 Field, Bertie George  1911Regents Park Barracks, Albany Street, St Pancras, London I2520
96 Freeman, James Robert  185144 Cumberland Market, St Pancras, London I6591
97 Fuller, Matilda Priscilla Kathleen  189145 Drummond Crescent, St Pancras, London I0805
98 Fuller, Matilda Priscilla Kathleen  190163 Clarendon Street, St Pancras, London I0805
99 Fuller, Matilda Priscilla Kathleen  1911Chenies Place, Pancras Road, St Pancras, London I0805
100 Garrad, Frederick Henry  1881118 Whitfield Street, St Pancras, London I5618
101 Garrad, Frederick Henry  190145 Castle Road, St Pancras, London I5618
102 Gasson, Mary  1841John Street, St Pancras, London I5227
103 Gasson, Mary  185199 John Street, St Pancras, London I5227
104 Gasson, Mary  186180 John Street, St Pancras, London I5227
105 Gasson, Mary  187149 Whitfield Street, St Pancras, London I5227
106 Gasson, Mary  188149 Whitfield Street, St Pancras, London I5227
107 Gasson, Mary  189149 Whitfield Street, St Pancras, London I5227
108 Goodchild, Sarah Ann  186115 Warren Street, St Pancras, London I0422
109 Goodchild, Thomas  186115 Warren Street, St Pancras, London I0628
110 Goodfellow, Magnus  18914 Dartmouth Park Avenue, St Pancras, London I6261
111 Goodfellow, Magnus  190116 Chalcot Crescent, St Pancras, London I6261
112 Hammond, William Henry  188115 Little Brook Street, St Pancras, London I6041
113 Hammond, William Henry  1891306 Euston Road, St Pancras, London I6041
114 Hammond, William Henry  190137 Seaton Street, St Pancras, London I6041
115 Harris, Ada Margaret  1891Clarence Gardens, St Pancras, London I2982
116 Harris, Alfred  1841Francis Street, St Pancras, London I0499
117 Harris, Alfred  1851Hampstead Street, St Pancras, London I0499
118 Harris, Alfred  1851Hampstead Street, St Pancras, London I2252
119 Harris, Alfred  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2252
120 Harris, Alfred  1881Workhouse, Kings Road, St Pancras, London I0499
121 Harris, Alfred  189137 Osnaburgh Street, St Pancras, London I2252
122 Harris, Alfred  1901Workhouse, St Pancras, London I2252
123 Harris, Alfred George  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2776
124 Harris, Amelia Elizabeth  188140 Frederick Street, St Pancras, London I2983
125 Harris, Amelia Jane  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2778
126 Harris, Ann Sophia  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2775
127 Harris, Arthur William  1891Clarence Gardens, St Pancras, London I2949
128 Harris, Elizabeth Sarah  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2774
129 Harris, Elizabeth Sarah  188158 St Paul Road, St Pancras, London I2774
130 Harris, Henry Charles  189137 Osnaburgh Street, St Pancras, London I2779
131 Harris, Julia  1851Hampstead Street, St Pancras, London I2197
132 Harris, Julia  188128 Ernest Street, St Pancras, London I2197
133 Harris, Julia Selina  188140 Frederick Street, St Pancras, London I2935
134 Harris, Julia Selina  1891Clarence Gardens, St Pancras, London I2935
135 Harris, Thomas  1851Hampstead Street, St Pancras, London I2253
136 Harris, Thomas  188140 Frederick Street, St Pancras, London I2253
137 Harris, Thomas  1891Clarence Gardens, St Pancras, London I2253
138 Harris, William Thomas  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2777
139 Harris, William Thomas  189137 Osnaburgh Street, St Pancras, London I2777
140 Hasker, Frederick William  1901201 Arlington Road, St Pancras, London  I3787
141 Hawkes, Evelyn Annie  189148 Fitzroy Road, St Pancras, London I8510
142 Hawkes, Evelyn Annie  190144 Chalcot Crescent, St Pancras, London I8510
143 Hawkes, George  188119 St Georges Road, St Pancras, London I8509
144 Hawkes, George  189148 Fitzroy Road, St Pancras, London I8509
145 Hawkes, George  190144 Chalcot Crescent, St Pancras, London I8509
146 Hawkes, George  191132 St Georges Road, St Pancras, London I8509
147 Hicks, Elizabeth Jane Rose  189158 Ferdinand Place, St Pancras, London  I8265
148 Hobbs, Sarah Elizabeth  185110 Union Street, St Pancras, London I2773
149 Hobbs, Sarah Elizabeth  187111 Charles Street, St Pancras, London I2773
150 Holman, Thomas Edward  188123 Chalton Street, St Pancras, London I1161

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burrows, Alice May  1907108 St Pauls Road, St Pancras, London I1881
2 Burrows, Henry Archibald  18634 Church Way, St Pancras, London I0542
3 Burrows, Henry Archibald  1865York Buildings, St Pancras, London I0542
4 Burrows, Sarah Ann Lettice  1889166 Arlington Road, St Pancras, London I1352
5 Coombe, Elizabeth  18703 Tolmers Square, Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London I0348
6 Millett, Caroline Elizabeth  18646 London Street, St Pancras, London I6453
7 Rine, John Edward  1939110 Belmont Street, St Pancras, London I8589
8 Willingale, Albert Victor  191019 Barclay Street, St Pancras, London I0714
9 Willingale, Elizabeth  184917 Hertford Street, St Pancras, London I1386
10 Willingale, Emily Harriet  1884116 Drummond Street, St Pancras, London I5230
11 Willingale, Henry Thomas  187838 Pratt Street, St Pancras, London I0361
12 Willingale, Lily  190681 Whitfield Street, St Pancras, London I5238
13 Willingale, Maria  188445 Tottenham Street, St Pancras, London I5231
14 Willingale, Mary Ann  1857University Street, St Pancras, London I6450
15 Willingale, Mary Ann  1878120 Cleveland Street, St Pancras, London I5229
16 Willingale, Matilda  1840St Pancras, London I0145
17 Willingale, Sarah Selina  Mar 186338 Hampden Street, St Pancras, London I0359
18 Willingale, Sarah Selina  Sep 1863Chalton Street, St Pancras, London I0359
19 Willingale, Sarah Selina  1867Middlesex Street, St Pancras, London I0359
20 Willingale, Sarah Selina  187538 Drummond Street, St Pancras, London I0359


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Brown  1933St Pancras, London F0392
2 Brown / Willingale  12 Jan 1901St Pancras, London F0201
3 Bruce / Smith  1911St Pancras, London F2017
4 Bruce / Willingale  20 Nov 1882St Pancras, London F1837
5 Burrows / Beckham  2 Aug 1885St Matthew Church, St Pancras, London F1286
6 Burrows / Willingale  3 Mar 1863Register Office, St Pancras, London F0591
7 Craghill / Willingale  1890St Pancras, London F0618
8 Damon / Gravestock  14 Feb 1836Parish Church, St Pancras, London F3016
9 Evans / Banister  1894St Pancras, London F2248
10 Everard / Chapman  23 Sep 1905Parish Church, St Pancras, London F1357
11 Garrad / Willingale  17 Aug 1906Register Office, St Pancras, London F1840
12 Goodchild / Willingale  19 Aug 1856St Pancras, London F234
13 Harris / Sharp  20 May 1873St James Church, St Pancras, London F720
14 Hasker / Burrows  24 Aug 1907St Paul's Church, St Pancras, London F1290
15 Hasker / Templeman  1935St Pancras, London F2416
16 Holman / Willingale  1903St Pancras, London F0396
17 Lenton / Le Riche  1871St Pancras, London F0862
18 MacGillivray / Burrows  1893St Pancras, London F1288
19 Palmer / Burrows  1902St Pancras, London F2588
20 Pond / Agate  1909St Pancras, London F3607
21 Radini / Steer  21 Apr 1872St Pancras, London F331
22 Sartain / Willingale  30 Dec 1838St Pancras, London F005
23 Selby / Willingale  29 Dec 1878St Saviours Church, St Pancras, London F1835
24 Stephenson / Willingale  1904St Pancras, London F1842
25 Thompson / Willingale  28 Sep 1857Parish Church, St Pancras, London F2250
26 Turner / Stephenson  1972St Pancras, London F2085
27 Walter / Giles  1858St Pancras, London F1019
28 Walter / Willingale  9 Jun 1833Old Church, St Pancras, London F0890
29 Welford / Millett  3 Oct 1853Parish Church, St Pancras, London F2251
30 Willcocks / Whyte  25 Dec 1918Christ Church, Albany Street, St Pancras, London F518
31 Willingale / Austin  5 Oct 1817St Pancras, London F0051
32 Willingale / Coombe  12 Apr 1829St Pancras, London F0109
33 Willingale / Fuller  25 Dec 1910Old Church, St Pancras, London F0222
34 Willingale / Lees  14 Apr 1834Old Church, St Pancras, London F0111
35 Willingale / Neil  10 Mar 1863St Pancras, London F0267
36 Willingale / Petford  1907St Pancras, London F0620
37 Willingale / Sedgwick  19 Dec 1896St Pancras, London F1838
38 Willingale / Turner  7 May 1860Old Church, St Pancras, London F0112
39 Willingale / Ward  9 Mar 1840St Pancras, London F2245
40 Worsfold / Millett  4 Sep 1870Old Church, St Pancras, London F2284
41 Young / Burrows  21 Apr 1889St Matthew Church, St Pancras, London F0637
42 Young / Rogers  1915St Pancras, London F4801