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Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London

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Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London
[Islington Cemetery] [Finchley] [London]


Church Parish or Cemetery : Latitude: 51.60076252424796, Longitude: -0.16496658325195312


   Name   Location 
1.Islington CemeteryFinchley, London, England, UK


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bruce, Stanley William George  1 Jul 1986Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I5892 Willingale One Name Study 
2 Burrows, Alice May  21 Apr 1951Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I1881 Willingale One Name Study 
3 Burrows, James William  21 Aug 1936Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I1844 Willingale One Name Study 
4 Cummins, Cornelius  19 Jan 1933Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I6970 Willingale One Name Study 
5 Goodchild, Thomas  4 Apr 1903Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I0628 Unconnected Willingales 
6 Hasker, Frederick William  17 Mar 1951Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I3787 Willingale One Name Study 
7 Willingale, Mabel Alice  Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I0710 Willingale One Name Study 
8 Willingale, Sarah Ann  12 May 1917Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I0629 Unconnected Willingales 
9 Willingale, Thomas Samuel  31 May 1934Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I5228 Willingale One Name Study 
10 Willingale, William  25 Jul 1951Islington Cemetery, Finchley, London I5239 Willingale One Name Study