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Camberwell, London

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Camberwell, London
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Town/City/Village : Latitude: 51.474159, Longitude: -0.093181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agate, Emma Priscilla  20 Mar 1886Camberwell, London I9877
2 Bickerton, Gladys Ethel Dale  2 Sep 1905Camberwell, London I22
3 Bond, Arthur Edward  11 Sep 1910Camberwell, London I10255
4 Bond, Evelyn F  1940Camberwell, London I10258
5 Collin, Claud Reginald  1889Camberwell, London I21
6 Collin, Herbert James Dale  1887Camberwell, London I0705
7 Cook, Elizabeth  1870Camberwell, London I0509
8 Crawley, Alfred Jeremiah  21 Mar 1889Camberwell, London I3560
9 Ede, Richard Stanley  8 Mar 1881Camberwell, London I10
10 Gravestock, William Frederick  1888Camberwell, London I7120
11 Hawkins, Mabel Eleanor  19 Jan 1906Camberwell, London I7192
12 Hayes, Florence Amy  14 Mar 1910Camberwell, London I8815
13 Hills, Michael David  28 Oct 1954Camberwell, London I10300
14 Lemare, Agnes Linton  16 Jan 1867Camberwell, London I1702
15 Matthews, Cyril Edward  12 Aug 1899Camberwell, London I7129
16 Mellows, Jessie  11 Nov 1916Camberwell, London I10697
17 Nicholson, Frederick Williams  2 Nov 1910Camberwell, London I9783
18 Nicholson, Grace Ethel  10 Aug 1907Camberwell, London I9781
19 Nicholson, Sydney James  28 Jan 1909Camberwell, London I9782
20 Parker, Rose Elizabeth  12 Sep 1910Camberwell, London I8668
21 Rand, Edith Emily  3 Mar 1898Camberwell, London I0526
22 Rand, Violet Elsie  1902Camberwell, London I0527
23 Salter, Doris  1 Sep 1914Camberwell, London I10297
24 Trodd, Kathleen Amy  27 Jan 1897Camberwell, London I1397
25 Unknown, Martha  1831Camberwell, London I0164
26 Vacani, Frank William  21 Oct 1901Camberwell, London I12814
27 Vaughan, Dorothy Margaret  25 Jan 1918Camberwell, London I5896
28 Welford, Alfred George William  27 Apr 1914Camberwell, London I2814
29 Willingale, Herbert Joseph  18 Nov 1896Camberwell, London I1396
30 Willingale, Mabel Elizabeth  11 Jun 1899Camberwell, London I1399
31 Willingale, Victor Henry  1892Camberwell, London I1395
32 Willingale, Victor Joseph  1924Camberwell, London I1398
33 Willis, Ellen  1888Camberwell, London I5386


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hawkins, Mabel Eleanor  7 Mar 1906St Mark's Church, Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I7192
2 Rand, Edith Emily  18 Sep 1898Christ Church, Camberwell, London I0526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bond, Evelyn F  1940Camberwell, London I10258
2 Byne, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1946Camberwell, London I1394
3 Collin, Claud Reginald  1889Camberwell, London I21
4 Cummins, James  1921Camberwell, London I7068
5 Dale, John Henry  25 Jun 1897Camberwell, London I0285
6 Fisher, Caroline Cole  1906Camberwell, London I7108
7 Gravestock, Joseph Edward  1928Camberwell, London I3782
8 Lever, Maria  1980Camberwell, London I10064
9 Mellish, James Thomas  1901Camberwell, London I7168
10 Newland, Lily Agnes  1930Camberwell, London I6533
11 Pridmore, Campbell William  7 Feb 1922Camberwell, London I1353
12 Radini, Joseph Francis  1981Camberwell, London I1370
13 Rand, Violet Elsie  1905Camberwell, London I0527
14 Trodd, Kathleen Amy  21 Jan 1973Camberwell, London I1397
15 Willingale, Charles Herbert  29 Jun 1939St Francis Hospital, Camberwell, London I0384
16 Willingale, Joseph  1894Camberwell, London I1390
17 Willingale, Joseph Henry  1901Camberwell, London I1393
18 Willingale, Louisa Sophia  1904Camberwell, London I0438
19 Willingale, Mabel Elizabeth  1976Camberwell, London I1399
20 Willingale, William  1904Camberwell, London I0158
21 Woollaston, Francis Robert  1962Camberwell, London I7356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Byne, Elizabeth  7 Oct 1946Camberwell Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I1394
2 Cummins, James  7 Mar 1921Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I7068
3 Gravestock, Joseph Edward  5 Sep 1928Camberwell New Cemetery, Camberwell, London I3782
4 Mellish, James Thomas  21 Aug 1901Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I7168
5 Pridmore, Campbell William  13 Feb 1922Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I1353
6 Rand, Violet Elsie  2 Feb 1905Camberwell Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I0527
7 Willingale, Joseph  1 Feb 1894Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I1390
8 Willingale, Joseph Henry  29 Aug 1901Old Cemetery, Camberwell, London I1393
9 Willingale, Susannah  2 Sep 1793St Giles, Camberwell, London I6858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Banister, Emily Rosetta  18818 Belgrave Terrace, Camberwell, London I6443
2 Bellingham, Alfred Henry  18913 Derby Villas, Derwent Terrace, Camberwell, London I8503
3 Bickerton, Victor James  1891Lyndhurst Road, Camberwell, London I9
4 Bickerton, Victor James  190154 Lyndhurst Road, Camberwell, London I9
5 Bickerton, Victor James  191186 Lyndhurst Road, Camberwell, London I9
6 Bond, Arthur Edward  1911213 Neate Street, Camberwell, London I10255
7 Byne, Elizabeth  190118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1394
8 Byne, Elizabeth  191118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1394
9 Chamberlain, Harriett  189111 Commercial Road, Camberwell, London I0708
10 Collin, Gladys Miriam  190129 Talfourd Road, Camberwell, London I0706
11 Collin, Herbert James Dale  18913 High Street, Camberwell, London I0705
12 Collin, Herbert James Dale  190129 Talfourd Road, Camberwell, London I0705
13 Collin, James  18913 High Street, Camberwell, London I0169
14 Collin, James  190129 Talfourd Road, Camberwell, London I0169
15 Cook, Elizabeth  1871John Street, Camberwell, London I0509
16 Cook, Elizabeth  18814 Queen Street, Camberwell, London I0509
17 Cook, Elizabeth  189128 Coleman Road, Camberwell, London I0509
18 Crawley, Alfred Jeremiah  189110 Soames Street, Camberwell, London  I3560
19 Crump, Dorothy Louise Dale  189125 Henslowe Road, Camberwell, London I0730
20 Crump, Gertrude Mabel  189125 Henslowe Road, Camberwell, London I0731
21 Crump, Gladys Beatrice  189125 Henslowe Road, Camberwell, London I0732
22 Crump, William John Dale  189125 Henslowe Road, Camberwell, London I0729
23 Dale, Arthur Henry  18713 Camden Terrace, Camberwell, London I0545
24 Dale, Arthur Henry  18812 Chepstow Terrace, Camberwell, London I0545
25 Dale, Arthur Henry  189111 Commercial Road, Camberwell, London I0545
26 Dale, Ethel Constance  189111 Commercial Road, Camberwell, London I0733
27 Dale, Ethel Constance  190129 Talfourd Road, Camberwell, London I0733
28 Dale, Ethel Constance  191186 Lyndhurst Road, Camberwell, London I0733
29 Dale, John Henry  18713 Camden Terrace, Camberwell, London I0285
30 Dale, John Henry  18812 Chepstow Terrace, Camberwell, London I0285
31 Dale, John Henry  18913 High Street, Camberwell, London I0285
32 Dale, Louisa Ann  18612 High Street, Camberwell, London I0343
33 Dale, Louisa Ann  18713 Camden Terrace, Camberwell, London I0343
34 Dale, Miriam Sophia  18713 Camden Terrace, Camberwell, London I0273
35 Dale, Miriam Sophia  18812 Chepstow Terrace, Camberwell, London I0273
36 Dale, Miriam Sophia  18913 High Street, Camberwell, London I0273
37 Dale, Miriam Sophia  190129 Talfourd Road, Camberwell, London I0273
38 Dale, Winifred Ruby  189111 Commercial Road, Camberwell, London I0709
39 Day, Eliza Catherine  1881Birch Villa, 1 Oglander Road, Camberwell, London I0967
40 De'ath, Leopold Samuel Morris  191112 Meeting House Lane, Camberwell, London I7124
41 Drabble, Priscilla Harriet  190150 Linden Grove, Camberwell, London I0941
42 Ede, Richard Stanley  18819 Glenloch Road, Camberwell, London I10
43 Ede, Richard Stanley  1891Shenley Road, Camberwell, London I10
44 Ede, Richard Stanley  190187 Shenley Road, Camberwell, London I10
45 Fisher, Caroline Cole  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7108
46 Fisher, Caroline Cole  190186 Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I7108
47 Flint, Edward Stourton  1871252 South Street, Camberwell, London I2129
48 Graver, Edith Beswick  19112a Albany Buildings, Holmby Street, Camberwell, London I7121
49 Gravestock, Agnes Violet  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7112
50 Gravestock, Alice Mary  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7110
51 Gravestock, Caroline Louise  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7109
52 Gravestock, Caroline Louise  190186 Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I7109
53 Gravestock, Caroline Louise  19111 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7109
54 Gravestock, George Edward  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7113
55 Gravestock, Ivy Florence  191142 Shenley Road, Camberwell, London I7161
56 Gravestock, Joseph Charles  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7119
57 Gravestock, Joseph Charles  190186 Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I7119
58 Gravestock, Joseph Charles  191142 Shenley Road, Camberwell, London I7119
59 Gravestock, Joseph Edward  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I3782
60 Gravestock, Joseph Edward  190186 Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I3782
61 Gravestock, Joseph Edward  19111 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I3782
62 Gravestock, Maud Isabel  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7111
63 Gravestock, Maud Isabel  190186 Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I7111
64 Gravestock, William Frederick  189125 Astley Street, Camberwell, London I7120
65 Gravestock, William Frederick  190186 Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London I7120
66 Gravestock, William Frederick  19112a Albany Buildings, Holmby Street, Camberwell, London I7120
67 Harris, Dorothea Fox  190150 Acorn Place, Camberwell, London I3205
68 Harris, Henry Charles  190150 Acorn Place, Camberwell, London I2779
69 Harris, Victor Charles  190150 Acorn Place, Camberwell, London I3193
70 Hawkins, George John  1891181 Southampton Street, Camberwell, London I7190
71 Head, Hilda Catherine  190146 Rignold Road, Camberwell, London I2813
72 Head, Hilda Catherine  191140 Mansion Street, Camberwell, London I2813
73 Hill, Alfred Alexander  1891Astbury Road, Camberwell, London I19
74 Hill, Charles  1891Astbury Road, Camberwell, London I15
75 Johnson, Albert  1871New Church Road, Camberwell, London I6913
76 Johnson, Albert  18811107 Crystal Palace Road, Camberwell, London I6913
77 Johnson, Albert  1891Panlet Road, Camberwell, London I6913
78 Mellish, James Thomas  1891Ivydale Road, Camberwell, London I7168
79 Mellish, James Thomas  19019 Oxford Villas, Hichisson Road, Camberwell, London I7168
80 Morton, Frank Howard  189159 Linden Grove, Camberwell, London I2005
81 Nicholson, David  191112 Valmar Road, Camberwell, London I9780
82 Nicholson, Frederick Williams  191112 Valmar Road, Camberwell, London I9783
83 Nicholson, Grace Ethel  191112 Valmar Road, Camberwell, London I9781
84 Nicholson, Sydney James  191112 Valmar Road, Camberwell, London I9782
85 Parker, Rose Elizabeth  19116 Camden Square, Camberwell, London I8668
86 Phelps, Lucy  1861Springfield Lodge, Camberwell, London I1755
87 Rand, James  189128 Coleman Road, Camberwell, London I0508
88 Rochell, Ellen Fanny  190150 Acorn Place, Camberwell, London I8378
89 Rogers, Florence Ellen Caroline  191142 Shenley Road, Camberwell, London I7160
90 Trodd, Kathleen Amy  190126 Darrell Road, Camberwell, London I1397
91 Vacani, Frank William  191172 Warner Road, Camberwell, London I12814
92 Weeden, Ivy Fordham  190119 Lowth Road, Camberwell, London I11696
93 Welford, Annie Kate  191140 Mansion Street, Camberwell, London I6492
94 Williams, Louisa Rose  191112 Valmar Road, Camberwell, London I9779
95 Willingale, Edith Mary  190150 Linden Grove, Camberwell, London I0942
96 Willingale, Herbert Joseph  190118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1396
97 Willingale, Herbert Joseph  191118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1396
98 Willingale, Joseph Henry  190118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1393
99 Willingale, Louisa Sophia  18713 Camden Terrace, Camberwell, London I0438
100 Willingale, Louisa Sophia  18812 Chepstow Terrace, Camberwell, London I0438
101 Willingale, Louisa Sophia  18913 High Street, Camberwell, London I0438
102 Willingale, Louisa Sophia  190129 Talfourd Road, Camberwell, London I0438
103 Willingale, Mabel Elizabeth  190118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1399
104 Willingale, Mabel Elizabeth  191118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1399
105 Willingale, Victor Henry  190118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1395
106 Willingale, Victor Henry  191118 Vivian Road, Camberwell, London I1395
107 Willingale, Walter Dale  18612 High Street, Camberwell, London I0338
108 Willingale, Walter Dale  18713 Camden Terrace, Camberwell, London I0338
109 Willingale, Walter John  190150 Linden Grove, Camberwell, London I0943
110 Woodall, Thomas Charles  19014 Riddell Street, Camberwell, London I6601
111 Woodall, Thomas Charles  191140 Mansion Street, Camberwell, London I6601
112 Woollaston, Eliza Louisa  191112 Valmar Road, Camberwell, London I2327


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bond / Hills  1939Camberwell, London F3767
2 Bond / Newman  1968Camberwell, London F3780
3 Carter / Kiff  16 Jun 1862St George, Camberwell, London F10
4 Cole / Willingale  17 Jan 1849Christ Church, Camberwell, London F0268
5 Collin / Dale  1886Camberwell, London F259
6 Crump / Dale  1879Camberwell, London F264
7 Ede / Dale  1910Camberwell, London F7
8 Edgeworth / Parker  1933Camberwell, London F3116
9 Gravestock / Graver  19 Mar 1910St Philip the Apostle, Camberwell, London F2483
10 HIcks / Harris  1950Camberwell, London F3032
11 Jarvis / Woolfenden  6 Oct 1884St James's Church, Camberwell, London F0755
12 Lane / Lewis  1965Camberwell, London F3438
13 Linnit / Hills  1932Camberwell, London F3752
14 Mileham / Willcocks  1951Camberwell, London F570
15 Nelson / Harris  1929Camberwell, London F857
16 Nicholson / Mellows  1933Camberwell, London F3954
17 Nicholson / Vian  1932Camberwell, London F4754
18 Twilley / Virgo  1962Camberwell, London F2780
19 Welford / Head  1913Christ Church, Camberwell, London F691
20 White / Squires  1941Camberwell, London F982
21 Willingale / Trodd  1923Camberwell, London F0467
22 Woollaston / Saddington  1903Camberwell, London F2586