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7 Jan 2009


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La Hogue
La Hogue
"LA HOGUE" was well known and a large, majestic, three masted, fully rigged "ship". Built in 1855 by LAING of Sunderland, N.E. England, she was a "frigate" style ship which means that she had a white band painted down each side into which were painted imitation, black gun ports. This style was said to frighten off pirates in the China Seas.

Her length was 226 feet, beam 35 feet and draught 23 feet. She was 1331 Tons and was said to have a long (96ft) poop deck and (42ft) fo'c's'le. She had a very large figurehead and was known for the large, single, topsail on the mizzen mast. As a very popular passenger ship in the early days, it was claimed that people would delay their sailing for a month or two to be able to travel on her.