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# Place Longitude Latitude placelevel Notes
1 1 Connaught Villas, Southchurch Road, Southend on Sea, Essex  0.7282466999999997  51.5402688  Pin is on Southchurch Road. Unsure where Connaught Villas were/are situated. 
2 1 Jordans Cottages, Prittlewell, Essex  0.7115042209625244  51.55027206317992  Jordan's Cottages were situated somewhere along East Street. 
3 1 The Paragon, New Kent Road, Surrey  -0.09539008140563965  51.49426384137181  Not sure where the Paragon was situated along this road. 
4 12 Esmerelda Road, Bermondsey, London  -0.06752923975864178  51.49015019219099  This is modern day Esmerelda Road, according to 1891 maps a road of the same name was in this approx location, just north of the Bricklayers Arms Extension & south of Southwark Park Road 
5 13 Tottenham Place, St Pancras, London  -0.137404203414917  51.52404389170607  1891 has Tottenham Place between Beaumont Pl & Grafton Way 
6 2 Tower Royal Court, City of London  -0.09617328643798828  51.51275149933723  Tower Royal Court - East out of Tower Royal, in Cordwainer Ward (O. and M. 1677-Boyle, 1799).

The site is now occupied by the western extension of Cannon Street. 
7 22 Hollingworth Street, Islington, London  -0.11128485202789307  51.547746834990505  Freightliners Farm, Sheringham Road, London, N7 (nearest buildings to original site of Hollingsworth Street) 
8 28 Grove Road, Southend on Sea, Essex  0.7157206535339355  51.534232980967914  Grove Road was demolished to accommodate the building of the Royals shopping centre. 
9 3 Albion Villas, Brewery Road, Southend on Sea, Essex  0.723649263381958  51.53879832631497  From

I used to go to Brewery Road School. The name comes from the brewery that was in the High Street at the top of what is now Whitegate Road. I don't remember the brewery but I do remember the Middleton Public House and the brewery was part of the same building. Brewery Road school is well over a 100 years old and when it was built Southend was a much more rural community. Before the underpass was built you could walk down Whitegate Road into Grange Gardens, through the alley into Lancaster Gardens and straight into the back entrance of Brewery Road School. The front entrance of the school was and I think always has been in Southchurch Avenue.

Brewery School is now called Porters Southchurch Avenue...which also used to be called Brewery Road... 
10 3 Alps Cottages, New Town, Great Wakering, Essex  0.810767412185669  51.551446896989845  The first development last century was on St John's land, off the Shoebury road; these were smal1 brick built cottages and the area was known as Newtown. 
11 3 Crabtree Row, Bethnal Green, London  -0.07148087024688721  51.52836095889411  Crabtree Row no longer exists but was located adjacent to Wellington Row and Virginia Row (now Virginia Road) 
12 4 Greens Cottages, Great Wakering, Essex  0.8108854293823242  51.552020626500266  This is more or less where Green's Cottages were situated. 
13 4 Ingram Terrace Grays Thurrock, Essex  0.33906290000004446  51.4857676  Assume Ingram Terrace was in this vicinity 
14 4 Prices Buildings, Southwark, London  -0.10155299999996714  51.5058768  Assume that Price's buildings were situated along Price's Street. 
15 5 Ashbourne Terrace, Harrow Road, Leyton, London  0.017659664154052734  51.55841055018614  Pin is in Harrow Road as Ashbourne Terrace is not shown on a current map. 
16 55 Market Street, Poplar, London  -0.01621127128601074  51.51381846944189  Market Street ran W-E off Kerbey Street.
Looking at a modern-day map it appears to to be a western extension of Cordelia Street. 
17 6 Alfred Terrace, Pulman Street, Hull, Yorkshire  -0.3768181800842285  53.748789465597696  Alfred Terrace was along this street. 
18 6 Jordans Cottages, Prittlewell, Essex  0.7123517990112305  51.55045019148247  Jordan's Cottages were situated somewhere along East Street. 
19 7 Queen Street, St Pancras, London  -0.13849854469299316  51.537178051422174  1891 Map has Queen Street running roughly South from Pratt St 
20 8 Priory Street, St Pancras, London  -0.13944804668426514  51.54251963427936  Roughly where Ivor Street is today per 1891 Map 
21 84 Speke Road, Battersea, London  -0.1747298240661621  51.46491783472259  Speke Road ran parallel to Grant Road to the north.  
22 9 Jordans Cottages, Prittlewell, Essex  0.7129955291748047  51.55055693515023  Jordan's Cottages were situated somewhere along East Street. 
23 Argolic Gulf, Greece  22.953540900000007  37.3904297   
24 At Sea  8.028301824100481  54.246990044394224  The Action of 22 September 1914 was a German U-boat ambush that took place during the First World War, in which three obsolete Royal Navy cruisers, manned mainly by reservists and sometimes referred to as the livebait squadron,[ were sunk by a German submarine while on patrol. 
25 Bedford Park, London  -0.262141  51.496535  Bedford Park is a suburban development in Chiswick in London, England 
26 Borough, London  -0.09166717529296875  51.50672311483952  This area owes its name to the time when, at the southern end of London Bridge, it was literally the only borough outside the City of London itself 
27 Brentwood Mental Hospital, Essex  0.29284894466400146  51.60730418101149  The original site of the Asylum was granted conservation status by English Heritage. The Grade II listed 1853 building has been converted into a partly gated redevelopment of luxury apartments by City and Country and is now known as 'The Galleries'.
The 1888 block has been demolished. The Grade II listed 1889 chapel has been converted into 16 apartments. 
28 Brooklyn, New York, USA  -73.971043  40.675234   
29 Bucklow, Cheshire  -2.4224853515625  53.388242750108304  Bucklow was a registration district in Cheshire. Subdistricts included Sale, Lymm, Knutsford and Altrincham. 
30 Chapel Cottages, Aveley, Essex  0.25732576847076416  51.498381355269444  The free chapel of St. Anne or St. Mary, standing in the churchyard c. 180 m. NE. of the church, belonged to Aveley manor.  
31 Church Cottages, Mamble, Worcestershire  -2.4582081999999446  52.3415445  Assume Church Cottages would have been by the church. 
32 Church House, Cranham, Essex  0.26626288890838623  51.55229681464819  Should imagine that Church House would have been situated adjacent to the Church. 
33 Church Lane, Cranham, Essex  0.26784939999993185  51.5674518  The enumerator has just stated “All of Cranham”. The only other road mentioned is “Back Lane”, apart from that and Church Lane there are no other roads.

34 Cripplegate, London  -0.09694576263427734  51.52409829559966   
35 East London  -0.0970411  51.5189905   
36 East Meadow, Nassau, New York, USA  -73.564021  40.719937   
37 Elms Cottages, Green Lane, Great Warley, Essex  0.2864372999999887  51.5978076   
38 Fenn Road, Orsett, Essex  0.37505875631336494  51.51110850773859  This is Orsett 
39 France  2.39501953125  46.830133640447386   
40 Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland  -4.2533032  55.8513136   
41 Govan, Lanark, Scotland  -4.312992095947266  55.86452359147005   
42 H.M. Submarine Orpheus  23.5546875  32.85005801975869  HMS Orpheus (Lt.Cdr. James Anthony Surtees Wise, RN) was sunk on 19 June 1940 while on patrol about 25 nautical miles north of Tobruk, Libya in position 32º30'N, 24º00'E by the Italian destroyer Turbine 
43 HMS Diamond  22.953540900000007  37.3904297  Diamond was sunk by German aircraft on 27 April 1941 whilst evacuating Allied troops from Greece. 
44 HMS Hermes  1.4776611328125  51.06418386053925  HMS Hermes was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in the Straits of Dover in October with the loss of 44 lives. 
45 Hoxton, London  -0.08020877838134766  51.53152599171822  The area of Hoxton is bordered by Regents Canal on the north side, Wharf Road and City Road on the west, Old Street on the south, and Kingsland Road on the east.
46 Hunts Farm, Basildon Road, Laindon, Essex  0.4537653923034668  51.58175925514588  Old maps put Hunts Farm roughly here, to the West of Pipps Hill Road and South of the A127 
47 Jersey, Channel Islands  -2.120361328125  49.25884267913592   
48 Kings Cross, London  -0.13223119999997834  51.5333335   
49 Lamcroft, Lincolnshire  -0.11934099999996306  53.392289  Old manuscripts say :-Lamcroft,see Kelstern 
50 Little Heath House, Ilford, Essex  0.12060299999996005  51.583227   
51 Manhattan, New York, USA  -73.987977  40.749884   
52 Maternity Home, Tunbridge Wells, Kent  0.26239514350891113  51.13643430461874  The Maternity Home was situated on Grosvenor Road. 
53 Middle East  42.55096030000004  29.2985278   
54 Mile End Old Town, London  -0.0334042  51.5250919   
55 Mile End, London  -0.04094123840332031  51.52433860667918   
56 Mill Green, Ingatestone, Essex  0.3702630999999883  51.6836529   
57 New Southgate, London  -0.13734  51.610594   
58 New Town, Great Wakering, Essex  0.8105635643005371  51.55213537171727  The village proper consisted of a one mile-long street, High Street or Great Wakering Street as it was called in the earlier censuses. The High Street stretched from St Nicholas Church in the east to 'The Exhibition' public house in the west. The first development last century was on St John's land, off the Shoebury road; these were smal1 brick built cottages and the area was known as Newtown. 
59 North East Lincolnshire  -0.09784698486328125  53.54932420259243  North East Lincolnshire is a unitary authority area in the Yorkshire and the Humber region of England, bordering the unitary authority of North Lincolnshire and the administrative county of Lincolnshire. 
60 North Kesteven, Lincolnshire  -0.41748046875  53.006933782582166  North Kesteven is a local government district in the East Midlands. Just over 100 miles (160 km) north of London, it is east of Nottingham and south of Lincoln. North Kesteven is one of seven districts in Lincolnshire, England and is in the centre of the County. Its council, North Kesteven District Council, is based in Sleaford in the former offices of Kesteven County Council. 
61 Notting Hill, London  -0.2053889999999683  51.5110287  Notting Hill is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in central London 
62 Oak Villas, Staines Road, Ashford, Middlesex  -0.43498992919921875  51.45198514106767  Assume that Oak Villas would have been in this vicinity. 
63 Old Shop, East Horndon, Essex  0.3556550000000698  51.574867   
64 Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Essex  0.17715777088574214  51.570965210254634   
65 On the vessel Charente which sank with all hands  0.439453125  53.51549102704162  James was working on the vessel 'Charente' which had left Hull on 7 December 1872 bound for Dunkirk 
66 Pimlico, London  -0.1380546  51.4871215  Pimlico is a small area of central London in the City of Westminster. 
67 Queens, New York, USA  -73.84889602661133  40.72631561468468  Queens is the largest of the boroughs that make up New York City. 
68 Register Office, Brentford, London  -0.31011690000002545  51.486073  This is Brentford 
69 Register Office, Rochford, Essex  0.7065149999999676  51.582071  This is Rochford 
70 Scotland  -4.2026458  56.4906712   
71 Shakespeare Road, Romford, Essex  0.07773290000000088  51.6058866  Imagine that Shakespeare Road was in this vicinity. 
72 Sockets Heath, Little Thurrock, Essex  0.3385591506958008  51.489607186037134   
73 South Gates Farm, Dunton, Essex  0.3956794738769531  51.58301127706943  This is Dunton, cant locate farm on old maps. 
74 Southfields, Dunton, Essex  0.3975677490234375  51.5822646021594  wikipedia on Dunton:

Southfields Farm was an early 18th century farm house. It was destroyed by fire in the early 1960s and the land was bought by Ford Motor Company as part of the site of their Dunton Technical Centre. 
75 St Barnabus Church, Ancoats, Manchester  -2.222188711166382  53.48688052118351  Church closed 1959, off Hayward St & Rodney St in this approx area 
76 St Helens Lane Meeting House, Colchester, Essex  0.9009214999999813  51.8913201   
77 St Helens, Merseyside  -2.737094999999954  53.456307   
78 St James Westminster, London  -0.1393362  51.5065001  St James is a parish in Westminster, London. 
79 St Judes Church, Bethnal Green, London  -0.06634712219238281  51.52626371962195  Bethnal Green, St, Jude, Old Bethnal Green Road [1844] Bombed 1940, later demolished, 1951 parish united to St. James the Great.  
80 St Olave, Bermondsey, London  -0.08599162101745605  51.5060459738126  It became redundant in 1926 and was demolished. It is now the location of St Olaf House, which houses part of the London Bridge Hospital. 
81 Straits of Dover  1.4500000000000455  51   
82 Strood Green, Rochford, Essex   0.6815814971923828  51.58242193727341   
83 The Bungalow, Fairfax Drive, Prittlewell, Essex  0.6906215000000202  51.5504079  This is Fairfax Drive 
84 The Heath, Orsett, Essex  0.3628489999999829  51.4954589   
85 The Register Office, Holborn, London  -0.12001829999996971  51.5174137  This is Holborn 
86 The sea near the Whittaker beacon, Essex  0.9647369384765625  51.62200264690383   
87 Thurrock, Essex  0.3529197000000295  51.4934557   
88 Tradeston, Glasgow, Scotland  -4.2634193  55.8532633   
89 Union Workhouse, Orsett, Essex  0.3659820556640625  51.50981085847289   
90 Village of Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA  -73.7962415  40.7049245  Jamaica is a neighbourhood in the borough of Queens in New York City, USA 
91 Walworth, Surrey  -0.09381294250488281  51.489694030899585  Walworth is an inner-city district in the London Borough of Southwark. Walworth probably derives its name from the Old English "Wealhworth" which meant Welsh (British) farm. It is located 1.9 miles (3.1 km) south east of Charing Cross and near to Camberwell and Elephant and Castle. 
92 Wennington Road Cottage, Rainham, Essex  0.1961437999999589  51.5167191   
93 Westbarrow Hall, Eastwood, Essex  0.6913876533508301  51.573763642222964  Westbarrow hall is no longer standing.
It used to stand at the very end of Aviation way, Eastwood where the pond still remains today. It used to stand in the big clump of trees and undergrowth shown on the map 
94 Wheeler's Cottage, Little Thurrock, Essex  0.3407156467437744  51.476131535820564  Wheeler's Cottage was situated next door to the Ship Inn. 
95 Woodbridges Cottages, Halliford Road, Sunbury, Middlesex  -0.42281339999999545  51.4013671   
96 Workhouse, Woodham Ferrers, Essex  0.5945990000000165  51.6591199   
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