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London City

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London City
[London City]

Notes: Registration County : London (1870-1965); Greater London (1965-74).
Created : 1.1.1870 (out of City of London, East London and West London districts).
Sub-districts : Allhallows Barking; Broad Street; Castle Baynard; Christchurch; Cripplegate; London City; Queenhithe; St. Botolph; St. Brides; St. Sepulchre; St. Sepulchre and All Hallows.
GRO volumes : 1c (1870-1946); 5D (1946-74).


Registration District : Latitude: 51.500152, Longitude: -0.126236


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1 Curme / Jacobs  28 Aug 1890London City F520 Wright and Savill 
2 Harvey / Richardson  1862London City F455 Wright and Savill